Big Claim: Donald Trump caught the corona virus (Covid19) from whom?

There has been a virus alert in the White House in the literal sense of the word. Apart from Trump, many people who attended the meetings in the White House had a virus. The American press especially drew attention to the meeting where Trump announced his candidate for the Supreme Court last week. Nobody was wearing a mask at the meeting.

Someone from Donald Trump’s campaign team caught coronavirus

Former New Jersey Governor Republican Chris Christie in the USA announced that he was caught in a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19).
Christie shared on her Twitter account, “I just learned that my Covid-19 test is positive. I will start treatment today and will provide necessary information about my situation.” used the expression.

Stating that he is not showing symptoms and that he is fine, Christie was in the team that prepared US President Donald Trump for his first presidential debate with his Democratic rival Joe Biden last week.

In an interview with ABC, Christie noted that no one was wearing a mask in the room when she was preparing for discussion by Trump’s advisers.

After it was realized that Trump had Covid-19, all of the campaign senior team had the Covid-19 test on Friday.

6 people attending the Supreme Court ceremony in the USA caught coronavirus

It was revealed that 6 people attending the ceremony, where US President Donald Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett as US Supreme Court Judge, caught coronavirus (Covid-19).

Following the death of US Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US President Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett as US Supreme Court Judge on September 29 at the Rose Garden in the White House. It was announced that coronavirus was detected in 6 people attending the ceremony in which the candidacy was announced.

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