Bhajji’s wife, Geeta Basra, ready to make a comeback after 6 years

Bhajji’s wife, Geeta Basra, ready to make a comeback after 6 years, is putting her signature to this great producer’s film.

Geeta Basra Return

Geeta Basra had been giving full time to the family for a long time with her husband Harbhajan Singh. But now it’s time to focus on your career again.

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Shabbir Boxwala movie signed by Geeta Basra: Good news for Geeta Basra fans. He will return to the big screen after a long hiatus of six years. Geeta has signed on to a film by producer Shabbir Boxwala, who produced Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani’s ‘Sher Shah’ with Karan Johar.

Geeta Basra had been giving full time with her husband Harbhajan Singh for a long time. Now their second child, Jovan, is an entry. In such a case, it looks like the old one belongs to the past.

Parambrata Chatterjee To Be Seen At The ‘Notary’

According to the E-Times report, Geeta will star ‘Kahaani’ celebrity Parambrata Chatterjee in the movie ‘Notary’. Pawan Vadair will direct this film, which will be completed in a single 45-day program. From October 5th, Filming will begin in Bhopal.

Shabbir Boxwala himself Protocol Protocol

Geeta himself also confirmed this news. “I am a very happy project,” he said. Shabbir called me and offered me a role that he liked very much. I am very happy to be back in an emotional role.

Being able to describe the movie better, Geeta said, because she’s a satyr. She said about her role that she is a college girl who is about to get married. According to Geeta, this is a very challenging role. Other than that, he didn’t say anything.

It will also help the Harbhajan complement.

Asked who her two children will be with, Geeta says her son Jovan and mother will be with her in Bhopal. At the same time, her daughter Hinaya will stay with her husband Harbhajan in Mumbai. By the way, both of them can come to meet Bhopal in time.

Meanwhile, Shabbir Boxwala also said that this news is true. He also said that the full roster and team will be officially announced very soon. Let’s say that Geeta Basra was last seen in the movie ‘Lock’ in 2016. In such a case, fans will definitely be excited to see him on screen again.

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