Beyonce thanks her fans for the ‘leak’ on Renaissance

Beyonce thanked her fans after her highly anticipated album ‘Renaissance’ leaked 36 hours before its release.

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Grammy-winning US singer Beyonce released the first single from her seventh album in June. ‘Break My Soul’ was perceived as a ‘call to resign’ by referring to the burnout syndrome experienced by the employees and became an interpreter for the feelings of millions.

The album, which was released last night, went online less than two days before its release date, and the fans of ‘Queen B’ had tightened their ranks. He called on each other not to listen to the songs and warned each other to wait for the album’s official release date and time.

Beyonce thanked her fans with the following words from her Instagram account: “The album leaked and you all waited until the release time to enjoy the album at the same time. I’ve never seen anything like this. I cannot thank you enough for your love and protection. I appreciate your warning of anyone trying to infiltrate the club early. You gave me the worlds. Thank you for your always strong support. Thank you for being patient. I love you very much.”

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