Betul Lily travels the world with Onlyfans

Betul Lily, who made a name for herself with the photos she shared on Instagram, produced content within Onlyfans in a short time.

Betul Lily, who travels the world with the money she earns from Onlyfans, and also has initiatives in many different business lines, draws attention.

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Who is Betul Lily?

Instagram star and model who is known for posting an assortment of voyaging related content as well as tastefully satisfying photographs of her in various outfits in different extraordinary areas.

She initially started presenting pictures on her Instagram in June of 2012.

Notwithstanding her Instagram photography, she has likewise accomplished business function as a model for the organization Lancome.

She was brought up in Turkey. She went to secondary school in Nashville and went to Center East Specialized College for school.

As a model from Turkey, she should be visible comparable to different models from the area including Cansu Dere and Ozge Ulusoy.

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Is Betul Lily a lesbian?

Yes, after sharing on Onlyfans and some on Instagram, Betül Lily’s fans accused her of being a lesbian.

Although Betul Lily does not have a statement about this issue at the moment, some users on social media describe her as a lesbian.

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Maybe Betül Lily’s sexual orientation may be related to lesbianism, but she also has fans who claim that some of her behaviors will come to the fore.

Already the Instagram star earns thousands of dollars monthly and travels around the world.

She shows her ass to those who criticize her and challenges those who criticize her.

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They accused Betül Lily of defrauding women

In a turk form, people made terrible claims about the Onlyfans phenomenon. In the Turkish user form suslusozluk, it is said that betulily actually earns money by using women.

Here is the text of the allegation: if the allegations are true, is this woman a devil, or like the boss of the brothel, she has dominated the girls in the agency and seized their accounts, threatening to spread their photos on social media. I wonder if the claims of the girl called Merve Taşkın are true. She saved her account by officially reporting them to onlyfans. In the job offer e-mails they send to the nation, they promise high earnings directly and they say that you can continue to share on insta, but the girls will be onlyfans models, I don’t understand how this works. agency name nogoodagency

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