Bessie Hendricks, America’s oldest person, dead at 115

Bessie Hendricks, the oldest person in America, has died at the age of 115. Hendricks was born on December 12, 1904, in Houston, Texas, and lived to be the oldest person in the United States.

According to the Gerontology Research Group, Hendricks was the oldest person in the country since November 2019. She was also the fourth-oldest person in the world at the time of her death.

Hendricks was a mother of seven children, grandmother of 13 and great-grandmother of 18. She worked as an educator for more than 40 years in her hometown of Houston.

Hendricks was well known for her active lifestyle, which included regularly participating in church activities and taking walks around her neighborhood. In an interview with KPRC-TV in 2019, she said her longevity was due to her faith in God and her positive attitude.

A statement from the Gerontology Research Group said: “Bessie Hendricks was an inspiration to us all. Her life was a testament to the power of faith, positive thinking, and the importance of family. She will be remembered as a symbol of resilience and strength.”

Bessie Hendricks, America’s most established individual, dead at 115 in the wake of sharing mystery to long, blissful life

The most seasoned living individual in America kicked the bucket Tuesday at age 115.

Bessie Hendricks was the most established living individual in the US and fourth on the planet, as per Geronotology Exploration Gathering before she died at Obscure Oaks Care Center in Lake City, Iowa, this week.

Hendricks was brought into the world around there on Nov. 7, 1907, and she experienced childhood with a ranch. She later proceeded to bring up five kids, two of whom she outlasted.

She wedded her better half Paul on June 27, 1930, and invited their kids, Shirley, Joan, Roland, Glenda and Leon.

Hendricks showed in a one-room school building and filled shells with explosive on a sequential construction system at an ammo plant during The Second Great War, the Des Moines Register revealed.

She is presently outlasted by three of her kids, nine grandkids, 28 extraordinary grandkids, and 42 incredible grandkids.

Hendricks’ passing currently leaves California occupant Edie Ceccarelli — who turns 115 on Feb. 5 — as the most seasoned living individual in America.

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