Bernie Sanders: I Knew Who Will Win the Elections

Candidate for Democratic Party in USA’s 2020 presidential elections. Sanders has the title of being the longest serving independent politician in the history of the US Congress. Bernie Sanders Will Win Elections!

Bernie Sanders Strongest Candidate

“Bernie Sanders”, the strongest Democratic Party Candidate candidate in the United States in 2020, is one of the strongest candidates in the Presidential election. Especially after winning the Democratic Party Nomination Candidate, he stands before him as the most powerful opponent. The socialist candidate of the new century, Bernie Sanders stands out with his ideas.

“Bernie Sanders“, a Jewish-origin socialist candidate who has revealed his candidacy for a new start against institutions that are the intellectuals of the new world order, is now one of the most powerful people in America. Bernie, who has complete socialist ideas, always speaks of his ideological views with excitement. Especially the Most Powerful Opponent Against Trump.

In the latest polls for the US Elections in 2020, “Bernie Sanders” Looks The Strongest Candidate Against Donald Trump. Socialist intellectual Sanders gained many followers by making new future propaganda for America. The candidate who is supported at the highest level especially in social media surveys is Bernie Sanders.

Russians Bernie Sanders Support

Some American media news channels recently shared scandalous news. Especially the claims that the support of the Russians in the previous Donald Trump elections now belongs to the strongest socialist candidate Bernie Sanders.

Most of the articles and news are shared with Russian support from “Bernie Sanders”, a candidate of the Socialist democratic party of Jewish origin. Sanders, who was welcomed differently in the USA thanks to his ideological ideas, soon became a great supporter. Do you have only one question in mind?
Who are the people who make scandalous news for candidates with different ideological ideas like Bernie Sanders …

Leading the presidential race among Democrats in the USA, Senator Bernie Sanders used the term ‘racist’ for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said that if he becomes president, he might consider moving the US embassy in Jerusalem back to Tel Aviv.

‘We cannot ignore the suffering of the Palestinian people’

Bernie Sanders, who stands out with his Jewish and left views and still leads the race among the Democrats, emphasized that the Israeli-Palestinian issue cannot be solved unilaterally as Trump did.

Sanders, criticizing the policies of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, said, “I am proud to be Jewish and have lived in Israel. But unfortunately, we tragically run Israel as a reactionary racist. We definitely defend Israel’s right to live in security, but “We cannot ignore the suffering of the Palestinian people.”

“If you become president, would you bring back the US embassy in Jerusalem?” Sanders also said. “I can think of that,” he answered.

Bernie Sanders knew who would win the elections

Bernie Sanders became the agenda with his accurate prediction of who will win the elections. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders, American politician and United States Vermont Senator Joe Biden’s prediction proved correct. Sanders was right in his claim about Joe Biden, who claimed he would win the election with certainty and donald trump would suffer a major defeat from the election.

Representing the left wing of the Democratic Party in the United States, Senator Bernie Sanders ‘aspired’ to the ministry of labor under Joe Biden. Asked whether he will be in the new cabinet or not, Sanders replied, “If I have a duty to fight for working families, I will do it.”

Bernie Sanders targets Joe Biden’s ministry of labor

Representing the left wing of the Democratic Party in the United States, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced that he could accept a ministry under Joe Biden’s new administration. In an interview with CNN, Sanders said he wants to take a role to protect working families in the US.

Sanders replied to CNN host Wolf Blitzer’s question, “Is it true that you are observing a position in the cabinet of elected president Joe Biden? For example, like the ministry of labor,” Sanders replied: “What is true is that this country is currently under enormous pressure. I want to do my best to protect families. Whether it’s in the Senate or under Biden’s administration. Who knows. We’ll see how this will develop. ”

“Would you say ‘yes’ if he asks you to join the cabinet as labor minister?” When asked, Sanders said, “If I have a task for working families to speak out and fight, will I do it? Yes, I will.”

CNN’s live connection with Sanders ended with the words of host Blitzer, “Senator Sanders, maybe I’ll call you Minister Sanders these days.”


The CNN channel also wrote that Sanders is holding talks to get the support of leading union leaders to be appointed to the Ministry of Labor. A senior union leader, anonymous, said Sanders telephoned the unionists for their support.

On the other hand, Biden’s transition period and preparations for a new cabinet have been hampered by Donald Trump’s refusal to admit defeat. The Trump administration still refuses to sign official documents required for Biden to officially begin its transition period. For this reason, it is stated that Biden was unable to give an intelligence order for the security screening, which is done as a rule for ministerial candidates. (EXTERNAL NEWS)