Bella Thorne, who supports the famous actor Armie Hammer whose pervert messages have been exposed

In case you’re not aware, Armie Hammer talks about some disturbing events in a series of leaked chat and audio clips. After the revelations about the 34-year-old actress Armie Hammer, many famous names posted support messages for Armie.

Bella Thorne, one of the young generation stars who became famous by the Disney channel and has been talked about with her sexual content recently, supported the famous actor Armi Hammer, who recently disclosed her perverted messages. There was a reaction to Thorne, who supported the famous actor, on social media.

Armie Hammer, one of the prominent names of Hollywood with her projects, has been on the agenda with her allegedly violent sexual fantasy messages that have been circulating on social media for a while. While the messages said to belong to the famous actor spread waves in social media, his ex-girlfriend Courtney Vucekovich made shocking claims about the actress.

Support message from Bella for Armie Hammer

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You may remember Armie Hammer from movies like Call Me by Your Name or Rebecca. Hammer is one of the most talked about names with the sensation it has created recently.

A few days ago it was alleged that he cheated on his wife of 10 years with sexual messages she sent to many women. Seeing the news about the actress, her ex-girlfriend stated that she was not surprised at all because she did not speak normally to herself.

34-year-old Vucekovich, who had a relationship with Hammer last June, stated that Hammer also told him about his sexual fantasies, “He told me that he broke my ribs and wanted to barbecue and eat.” Armie Hammer, who said “Fake online attacks on me” for the allegations, was removed from the cast of the movie Shotgun Wedding, in which she would star in Jennifer Lopez.

While all these developments were taking place, Bella Thorne supported the actor with her Instagram post.

Bella Throne, a 23-year-old former Disney star, said on Instagram, “Leave her and her family alone. It is impossible to be a weird cannibal,” she said she did not believe the allegations made about Armie Hammer.

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This post of Thorne became the agenda in social media and drew reaction.

Courtney Vucekovich, Hammer’s ex-girlfriend, stated:

“She said she wanted to break my ribs and have a barbecue and eat. She loved the taste of blood.”

After Courtney, many women shared the strange messages they received from Armie Hammer;

Armie Hammer said that she wanted to rape the woman with a knife in her hand, and that she wanted the woman to shout and scream.

Here Hammer said that he wanted to bite the woman in front of him, shackled and rape him.

Who is Armie Hammer?

Armand Douglas Armie Hammer is an American actress. Son of businessman Michael Armand Hammer and great grandson of oil-rich Armand Hammer. With the lead role in The Masked Horseman, the Winklevoss twin on The Social Network is J.

Date of birth:August 28, 1986 (34 years old), Santa Monica,
Size:1.96 m
Armie Hammer Wife:Elizabeth Chambers (e.2010–2020)
Children:Harper Grace Hammer, Ford Armand Douglas Hammer

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