Bella Thorne is on the agenda with her words about Onlyfans

Bella Thorne, who earned $ 1 million in 24 hours on the sexually explicit site, reacted with her words. Bella Thorne, who shared her sexually explicit images on the site, got a reaction with her statement. Other members of the site called Bella Thorne, who claimed to be the first on OnlyFans.

Bella Thorne, one of the most outrageous names in the show business, was criticized for saying that she was the first on the site called OnlyFans. The 23-year-old star’s claim to be the first brought controversy.

Thorne shared the note in his Instagram story, “Everyone is jumping on OnlyFans, but I did this first. Make everyone in my news feed legal by following my footsteps. But you were all scared while I was warming up. It keeps happening to me hahahah”. Bella is shown as one of the sexiest women on the internet. Its popularity continues to grow, especially with its jobs in the porn industry in recent years.

The young player broke a record by earning $ 1 million in 24 hours from the site she was a member of in August. However, other users on the app accused Thorne of defrauding members for selling his photo, which he said was nude on the platform, for $ 200.

The former Disney star apologized on Twitter, saying, “I wanted to draw attention to the site, the more posts there are on the site, the more likely people are to go after everything related to sexual intercourse. I wrote and directed an adult movie against the high standards of my peers and managers. I want to help the stigma behind him, ”she said.

The beautiful actress, who draws attention with her brave poses, recently shared the photo of the acne on her back and advised her followers to love themselves.

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