Bella Poarch on display at Times Square

Bella Poarch is displayed on a billboard in Times Square. Bella Poarch, one of Tiktok’s most loved girls, appears before the public at the Times Square with her success. A great honor and secret of success Bella finally took to the streets of America.

Millions of US citizens and popular tik tok content producer Bella Poarch has found a great place for herself in the Times Square.

Bella Poarch on display at Times Square 2

Bella Poarch, who confronts us as a very different person thanks to her facial expressions and tattoos, has managed to carry her tiktok success to a global dimension. It would be correct to say that there is no one who does not know herself in America, especially thanks to her recent music.

Tiktok star Bella Poarch in Times Square

@bellapoarchCan’t believe I’m on a billboard in Times Square😭❤️ @tiktok @pandora ##TikTokTastemakers ##PandoraMusic♬ Build a Bitch – Bella Poarch

“Bella Poarch”, with close to 71 million tik tok followers, moved to the billboard in one of the most popular places in Times Square. There is a new portrait of a tiktok girl in Times Square, one of America’s busiest streets.

The Tiktok star shared her portrait in Times Square from her original account. We can say that the Filipino tiktok star, who states that she is very happy and can’t even imagine these days, is now one of the most popular celebrities in America.

Bella Poarch before

Bella Poarch, who served in the US army and shared photos of her university periods, was greeted with interest by her followers in the photo she said before Bella on Instagram before she became a Tiktok star.

Bella Poarch on display at Times Square 1

The Tiktok star continues to share what she was before she became famous. Especially the last photo he shared on Instagram received thousands of likes and comments.

Poarch shared a photo of her college years on her Instagram account. In her photo, which seems like a very special moment, she is quite overweight and there is no trace of her tattoos. Poarch stated that in her previous period she had a very difficult time and was abused a lot.