Bella Hadid ‘looked fantastic’ at 2022 Paris Fashion Week

Bella Hadid made her mark at Paris Fashion Week. Hadid, who took the stage, made fashion history with the spray dress designed on it.

Spray dress for Bella Hadid

Bella hadid looked fantastic at 2022 paris fashion week 2 gmspors

World-famous model Bella Hadid appeared on the fashion show as part of 2022 Paris Fashion Week. Hadid, who went to the podium in underwear and high heels, showed up in a dress made by spraying on her.

25-year-old beautiful model Bella Hadid took the runway at the Coperni fashion show as part of the 2022 Paris Fashion Week. The dress was made by strategically spraying a thick white latex over Hadid’s body.

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Bella Hadid, who appeared on stage wearing only heels and underwear, covered her breasts with her hands and appeared in front of dozens of people. A team of three sprayed white latex onto the model to create an opaque layer. As a result of this process, Hadid stepped off the stage to close the fashion show in a loose, medium-length straight dress with a slit and an open shoulder. Drawing attention with her physique and beauty, Hadid’s images in the fashion show became the agenda on social media.

Bella Hadid attended the Coperni fashion show on Friday during Paris Fashion Week 2022, but her outfit was a do-it-yourself affair.

The model, 25, appeared on the runway in nothing but underwear and heels, covering her breasts while a team of three men spray painted her, as captured by New York Times fashion critic Vanessa Friedman and many others on social media.

As the model stood still, adjusting her arms, they sprayed a thick layer of white latex around her torso, creating an opaque layer.

Before Hadid walked off the stage to close the fashion show, a mid-length, solid dress formed with a thigh-high slit and off-the-shoulder sleeves that were elegantly draped.

Coperni is well-known for their daring designs.

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