Bella Hadid İS BACK

The world-famous model Bella Hadid, who has been isolated at home for months due to the coronavirus epidemic, got to work the day before. Hadid posted the pose in her car with her robe with the note “I’m back to work baby”

Famous Model Bella Hadid is Back in Magazine

World-famous model Bella Hadid had a break from her work due to coronavirus. The beautiful model has returned to business life, especially, she announced that she will be a model in new period fashion designs.

Bella Hadid, who quarantined herself like everyone else, returned to the fashion world.

Hadid, who has been doing her work for a while due to the coronavirus epidemic, announced that she started working again yesterday.

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The 24-year-old model, who shared the selfie she took while in the car, said, “I’m back to work, baby.”

The beautiful model shared the excitement of returning to business life with her followers.

On the other hand, US model Bella Hadid, of Palestinian origin, shared a page from Instagram that showed her father Mohamed Hadid’s passport.However, Instagram soon removed the post for “violation of community rules”. The platform also added not allowing for justification, hate speech, harassment, bullying and graphic violence.

Instagram Banned Its Shares By Bella Hadid

The famous model previously shared the origin of his Father. Instagram has not prevented the sharing of the famous model before. However, there are many complaints about Instagram, which are shared by the beautiful model and do not allow her to reveal her origin.

The famous model, with 31.4 million followers, reacted violently to the incident, accusing the social media platform with ‘bullying’.

After the support coming to Hadid on this, Instagram explained that they apologized by stating that the famous model deleted it by mistake.

The spokesperson, explaining that they do not allow the sharing of private information such as passport number, also accepted that Hadid’s share should not be deleted because the number was covered.

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Bella Hadid İS BACK

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