Bella Fusco increases the number of fans on Instagram and Tiktok

Not new to this type of content, even this morning Bella Fusco has not disappointed her fans. The trademark is undoubtedly the explosiveness of the content the model entertains her community with every day. This morning’s post, where the showgirl reveals herself in a bikini, has already been an incredible success among fans, who awaited the canons of previous releases for sentimentality and transportation. Just two shots this time, for an absolutely exciting sweet and spicy awakening.

Bella Fusco managed to reach more than 100 thousand fans with her posts on Tiktok and Instagram. The number of followers of bella, who received referral from sharing her lifestyle on social media, continues to increase.

Bella Fusco hot shots

Bella Fusco shared a new content on social media. The Neapolitan model excited her fans with two photos that portray her in a spicy way. In the first photo we see her posing by the window: in her skimpy yellow bikini and her slightly open mouth, her curves blown and her décolleté in the foreground.

The fashion blogger also shared a second photo on Instagram where she looks equally sensual, even if she smiles more than the first shot where she has a more sensual expression. This time, Bella is holding her hair in her hands, but attention always falls to the A side, a costume that will definitely not go unnoticed by many of the model’s fans.

“Are you ready for summer?” , wrote the model in the caption accompanying the photos. There have been a lot of comments coming under the post, among which the compliments for its aesthetic aspect and curves have dwindled. Then she turned to her fans and advised where to buy the bikini.

As summer approaches, Bella is definitely focusing on advertising her new bikini and swimwear line. Thanks to her followers, former mother Nature has numerous interactions, Ciao Darwin also gains fans with her B-side.

@iisabellafusco we just took a helicopter 🚁 @splashgoteem ♬ Helikopter – Fazlija

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