Belgian model Anthonia Rochus documents violence with photos

Famous model Anthonia Rochus exposed to the violence of her boyfriend

Belgian model Anthonia Rochus shared on social media how her dream relationship that started 18 months ago turned into a nightmare by photographing the violence she experienced from her lover. The beautiful model documented the violence she experienced with photographs.

Belgian model Anthonia Rochus shared on social media how her relationship, which started 18 months ago, turned into a nightmare by photographing the violence she suffered from her lover. The famous Belgian model Anthonia Rochus (21) posted on her social media account the violence and harassment she inflicted on her by her ex-boyfriend, with the day’s photos

The beautiful model living in Lier, Belgium, documented the violence she experienced with photographs. Rochus shared his 18-month relationship on social media with the words “Where everything begins, where everything ends”.

Anthonia Rochus filed a criminal complaint after her boyfriend’s violence against her. Sexy model shared her grievance from her social media account after the blows she received on her face.


Rochus said that he met his ex-boyfriend about two years ago on vacation, was ‘in love at first sight’ and ‘immediately started living together’. Rochus stated that as time progressed, his lover started to be violent against him, and after 18 months of relationship, he found the solution to apply to the police. Stating that she had been subjected to over 20 violence from her lover, Rochus said, “I finally found the courage to tell my story.” On the other hand, the police announced that an investigation was launched upon Rochus’ complaint.

Her photos have been shared in excess of multiple times as she posted them close by a snap of her taking a gander at her ex on Twitter.

She has not named him and shut his face out in the image.

Belgian police affirmed to The Sun Online they are examining the situation and have met both the model and her ex.

The model, from Lier, expressed “where everything began V where everything finished” as she talked about the year and a half of hellfire she suffered in the relationship.

Anthonia claims he crushed her face into a radiator, snatched her by the throat, advised her not to wear make-up or the garments she needed, and broke furniture in their home.

She stated: “I would prefer not to peruse that a lady has been executed and discover he was the offender.

“This is my previously, then after the fact. No glad closure, no obvious bliss, simply agony and pity.”

Rochus met her ex on vacation very nearly two years back and called it “unexplainable adoration” – with the couple moving into together “very quickly”.

She stated: “I attempted to keep down the vessel, however when I returned home that night, there was no denying it: I was enamored. Truly enamored.”

Everything began so well for the couple as her ex gave her blessings and praises – it appeared as though a match made in paradise.

In any case, at that point it rose her new sweetheart had an envious side and a touchiness, getting controlling and vicious throughout the following barely any months.

Anthonia Rochus proved by photos of her boyfriend being violent

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