Belen Rodriguez “Mozzarellona” rocks the costumed window sill

What an overview of what Belen Rodriguez shows in the last story, it’s hard to get high with such a float swing.

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This summer Belen Rodriguez has made herself less of a hero than her endless followers expected, the sexy outings we’re used to weren’t very often but the latest story definitely fixed the shot. Argentina, in costume, decided to activate all the great repertoire that mother nature had to offer her by giving a few dizzy too many, it’s impossible to take your eyes off of so much goodness, when she decides to show the goods, there is nothing. IT!

She wasn’t among the protagonists of summer 2022, lately Belen Rodriguez’s entirety seems to be “House and Church”, but in her last story she gave a small gift showing one of the highlights of her collection, a window sill. went crazy on the internet.

The still image is definitely not the best performance, it was the move that made everything so much more spicy, she was always at the center of gossip for her love affairs, this time Belen started to be talked about by her fans for her skills. love the most.

So we hope the awakening isn’t just a haphazard act, the summer certainly isn’t over here but currently she seems very busy cultivating her newfound love with showgirl Stefano De Martino, impressions are that her fans will now have to wait. in the queue.

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