Behati Prinsloo is back on social media after being cheated on while pregnant

Behati Prinsloo has returned to the Instagram world after her pregnant cheating scandal.

Famous Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo, who is pregnant with her third child, appeared on social media for the first time after her husband Adam Levine’s infidelity scandal, in which he admitted that he “crossed the line” last month.

Famous model Behati Prinsloo has returned to social media after the scandal of cheating by her husband Adam Levine. The 34-year-old Namibian model made her first social media post last month after dating messages from Maroon 5 frontman husband Adam Levine surfaced with a woman.

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Pregnant with her third child, Prinsloo has posted a photo of her growing belly.

Last month, the model named Sumner Stroh claimed in her TikTok video that the singer messaged her on Instagram and that they had a secret relationship.

Stroh stated that Levine, who was preparing to hold her third child, asked if she could use the model’s name. In the messages the singer sent to the model, “I have a serious question. We will have a baby. If it’s a boy, I want to name him Sumner. Is it problem for you?” seemed to say.

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The model, who claimed to be in a relationship with the singer, said that she was “young” and “naive” and that she thought the singer’s marriage was over.

Levine said, “A lot of things are said about me and I want to clarify the situation. It wasn’t right for me to talk to a woman other than my wife in a flirty manner. However, we did not have a relationship, but I am aware that I crossed the line at that time in my life.”

Behati Prinsloo-Adam Levine has two children named Dusty Rose (5) and Gio Grace (4).

The couple, who got married in 2014, try not to share much about their children and keep their private lives private.

Behati Prinsloo Levine shared a photo on the toilet

Behati Prinsloo Levine shared a photo of herself naked in the toilet on her Instagram account.

The model shares an interesting photo of herself pushing the limits with her millions of fans on social media.

While the allegations of betrayal between her and her husband were on the agenda, she again drew attention with her outfit in a different style and taking pictures on the toilet, which is an interesting location.

People think that she is trying to be on the agenda with such posts.

However, many friends of the model’s latest Instagram post made her happy with support messages.

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