Beauty queen Lucy Maino twerked in Tiktok, her crown was taken away

Beauty queen Lucy Maino shared her video of her dancing twerk in Tiktok. But the beauty queen’s crown was taken away shortly after the Twerk dance video aired!

The crown of Miss Papua New Guinea Lucy Maino, who danced twerk on the video sharing application TikTok, was taken away.

Beauty queen lucy maino twerked in tiktok her crown was taken away 1 gmspors

Lucy Maino in trouble on Twerk Dance on TikTok

Lucy Maino, selected Miss Papua New Guinea, shared her twerk dance moments on the video sharing application TikTok.

After the sharing, a statement that ‘you are not a good role model’ was made for the young woman whose crown was taken away.

The woman named Lucy Maino has been under intense harassment messages since that day. Although the video in question was deleted, the video was shared by many social media users from various platforms and taken to the tiers.

25-year-old Lucy Maino, who also served as the co-captain of Papua New Guinea’s women’s football team, was also the focus of criticism, but there were also those who supported her.

A user for the young woman said, “I’m sure if a man made a TikTok video, we would all laugh at him, even praise him. But when a woman does it, you get backlash and post hate messages. This is not the way to go. “You are misogynistic.”

Beauty queen lucy maino twerked in tiktok her crown was taken away 2 gmspors

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