Beautiful Model Gigi Hadid Creates Album With Pregnant Photos

Pregnancy album by Gigi Hadid

The world-famous model Gigi Hadid, who was waiting for her first baby with her singer lover Zayn Malik and recently posted her first photos on social media, turned her excited wait into a professional shoot.


US model Gigi Hadid is counting days to hold her first child from her association with singer Zayn Malik.
Preparing to be a mother for the first time, Gigi Hadid was in front of the camera for her pregnancy album the day before.


Hadid described the pregnancy process by saying, “A tiny angel is growing in my belly.”


Gigi Hadid explained why she has not shared pregnancy poses so far in recent weeks, using the following statements:

My pregnancy is not the most important thing in the world. I don’t think I should share. People are dying due to the coronavirus epidemic. There is also the issue of racism. Social media should be used for these.


The model, who will experience the feeling of motherhood for the first time, also stated that she kept a pregnancy diary during this period.


Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy is counting days now. Especially after she shared her pregnancy photos, it became an agenda in social media.


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