Beautiful host Diletta Leotta has attracted attention with her hot photos in recent weeks

Italian TV presenter Diletta Leotta has attracted attention with her hot photos she shared on her Instagram account in recent weeks. Giulia Diletta Leotta is an Italian TV presenter in Catania, Sicily. Leotta has been offering Serie A streams for DAZN since the 2018-2019 season. Previously, she had presented Serie B games with Gianluca Di Marzio and Luca Marchegiani on Sky Sport. Now, she has canceled her agreement with Sky sport.

Diletta Leotta is on the agenda with her twitter and Instagram photos

Diletta Leotta, one of the most popular sports commentators in social media, continues to increase her followers rapidly. The beautiful presenter became a very popular name among the fans while hosting the Napoli football team. Diletta Leotta, who has attracted attention with the important photos she recently shared, is on the agenda of social media.


30-year-old Diletta Leotta stands out as one of the television hosts with the most followers on instagmra. Leotta, who has 7.1 million followers, is a woman who stands out with her beauty. Besides being very knowledgeable about sports, She frequently follows football tournaments.

Diletta Leotta posted a decidedly romantic photo on her Instagram profile while dining on a terrace at sunset. An image that made his fans dizzy. Diletta’s chosen look is both elegant and provocative, thanks to an interesting detail that immediately catches the attention of fans. With all his “thanks” to the right spot, his perfect physique was not overlooked. With her latest post, Diletta reaffirmed that she is her fans’ dream woman who unleashes her wild imaginations in numerous comments on the post. Compliments for her are endless every time.

Instagram photo of Diletta Leotta at sunset in Rome

Diletta Leotta described her latest photo on Instagram: “You need the right accessories for the right occasions!” In the post, the showgirl is immortalized sitting on a terrace while waiting for her dinner. The sunset light enhances its natural beauty, making the shot absolutely romantic. Her outfit did not go unnoticed: the mini dress with a green jacket perfectly hugs her body. Plunging into his collar, on the other hand, his windowsill showcases the fluoride. Finally, the happy expression focused on observing the wonderful scenery that surrounds him gave strong emotions to the fans. What to say? Also this time, Diletta made her social heart a real slaughter.

Followers’ comments
Diletta Leotta with her jacket mini dress message caption invaded the imagination from her fans. One fan wrote after carefully reviewing the footage: “It’s not a person who doesn’t zoom,” and another immediately added: “Even the sun is struggling to set!” A naughty follower commented, “I have the right accessory for you,” referring to the description of the photo, and made another joke: “You need a big brush for a big wall!” One completely ecstatic fan admitted: “How gorgeous you are.”

ibrahimovic e diletta leotta GMSPORS

Who is Diletta Leotta: Biography, Age, Career, Former Scardina, Marco Valta & Zlatan Idea

Diletta Leotta is a sports program host known for her work on Sky and is currently the leading face of the DAZN channel. Diletta Leotta also participated in the Sanremo 2020 Festival this year as a valley. Engaged to former Communications Minister Mammì’s nephew; and Italian boxer Daniele Scardina seems to have ended her last relationship with King Toretto.

Giulia Diletta Leotta was born on 16 August 1991 in Catania. She participated in various beauty contests in order to enter television from an early age. However, he continues to work: he first graduated from Liceo Scientifico, then from Luiss Guido Carlo in Rome in Law. A passionate and tireless athlete with sports, sushi and animals. Enrolled in Miss Italy in 2009, but was eliminated one step from the final.

The beautiful Sicilian host, from a very young age, only fourteen years old, tried the path of beauty contests to crown her television dream. In fact, he reaches second place in a local competition, but continues his education at the same time: he graduates from science high school and then moves to Rome, where he finished his university course in Law at LUISS. The beautiful sports reporter, passionate about sushi, animals, and sports, today devotes herself to fitness, boxing and running while swimming as a kid. Always loyal to the family and above all to Ophelia’s mother, in 2009, Diletta tries to climb the Miss Italia beauty pageant (the contest featuring characters Maria Mazza, Clarissa Marchese, Federica Nargi etc.)

Diletta Leotta and Matteo Mammì

In the past Diletta Leotta was engaged to Matteo Mammi sports rights for Sky and the executive of Communications Minister Oscar Mammi, dealing with his nephew. Their relationship started in 2016, but the beautiful Leotta formalized the relationship and together life only in April 2018. Their relationship ended in June 2019 after four years of love for each other.

Diletta Leotta Crisis with Daniele Scardina

After the story with Julia Salemi, Big Brother started in front of VIP cameras, Francesco Monte that would also be the beautiful Dorothy Leotta in credits. However, Cecilia Rodriguez’s ex-girlfriend’s relationship with Leotta has never been confirmed, however. The beautiful sports reporter has been living an intense love story with Daniele Scardina Toretto, the professional boxer winner of the world middleweight title, since the summer of 2019.

The rumors speak of a deep crisis between the two, such that the weekly Who photographed Diletta with some of his friends and Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic one evening while Daniele spent a few days in Ibiza with his friends. After the summer, the couple seems to be separated forever. On September 23, Diletta reveals to whose pages her relationship with Daniele ended. She admits that this is a great love and everything went well for a while. Then the love filter disappeared, and he didn’t explain exactly how it happened. However, he does not deny anything and wants to be completely devoted to herself.

Diletta Leotta introduced her boyfriend to her mom and dad 2 GMSPORS

Diletta Boyfriend?

Diletta describes herself as single. After the story with Scardina, she plans to be alone, learn to spend time without being responsible to anyone, and focus on herself. However, she said it was clear if someone had her heart beat. In this context, Diletta Leotta parasitized in the company of Marco Valta, an entrepreneur who is already well-known in the Jet Set world, it is not clear whether she is in friendship.

Diletta Leotta cheated on her boyfriend with another marriage proposal 3 GMSPORS

Diletta Leotta and cosmetic surgery

Diletta Leotta has been credited with various cosmetic surgeries performed on the breast, nose, lips and cheekbones. The rumors in question stem from a photo of the beautiful journalist published years ago on the internet. However, interventions were never confirmed.

Diletta Leotta participated as a valley at the Festival of Sanremo 2020, where she wrote and played a monologue: a hymn to beauty and feminine power, an invitation to believe more in one’s own qualities and never lose heart.

Diletta Leotta spoke for the first time! Zlatan Ibrahimovic

One of the most famous female announcers in the sports world, the Italian beauty Diletta Leotta does not fall from the headlines of the magazine pages in her country. Diletta Leotta had an eventful break with her boxer lover Daniele Scardina, with whom she had been in love for a while and went into quarantine together during the coronavirus pandemic.

The end of the quarantine and the start of leagues in Italy opened the gap between the couple. Diletta Leotta took a break from her love life by putting her career forward. It was claimed that Diletta Leotta had a love affair with the world-famous star football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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Diletta Leotta and her Turkish boyfriend Can yaman will live together

Beautiful announcer Leotta denied the love allegations!

Sports announcer Diletta Leotta, who appeared in the press that she had a love affair with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a married football player wearing Milan jersey, broke his silence on the subject and said the allegations were absolutely not true.

Diletta Leotta, one of the most famous female announcers in the sports world, who allegedly had a love affair with Zlatan Ibrahımovic, a married football player who wore a Milan jersey after breaking up with boxer lover Daniele Scardina, spoke for the first time on the subject.

Leotta, who has been in love and quarantined together with her boxer lover Daniele Scardina during the coronavirus pandemic, has been spoken of allegations that she is with Milan’s star Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a while.

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