Beautiful host Diletta Leotta forgot her old love in someone else’s arms

Beautiful host Diletta Leotta is her new lover

Beautiful host Diletta Leotta forgot her old love in someone else’s arms! He was caught kissing on the neck. Sexy server became the agenda with the photos shared from social media accounts. The Italian press brought up new love claims for Leotta.

Diletta Leotta, one of the most attractive announcers in the world, quickly forgot her boxer lover. The beautiful name was caught kissing on the neck by a mysterious person.

Famous announcer Diletta Leotta, who was on vacation with her friends on the island of Sardinia in Italy, was suddenly on the agenda in the country press, who left with boxer lover Daniele Scardina in recent weeks.

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Italian tabloid magazine Gente

According to the news in the Italian magazine magazine Gente, Leotta gave intimate images with a mysterious person while having fun with his friends at Nikki Beach in Sardinia. Italian tabloids reported on who the new love of the sexy host is.


It was claimed that the duo, who laughed most of the time during the entertainment at the Beach Club and did not pull their eyes apart, got closer in the following hours and the mysterious person kissed the neck of the Italian announcer.

While there is no explanation from Diletta Leotta about the subject, her ex-lover boxer Daniele Scardina, with whom the Italian announcer broke up, spoke for the first time after the relationship ended.

Saying that Diletta is ready to win her heart, Scardina said, “I love her and I have never betrayed her. Diletta is one of the most beautiful things life can give me.


I’m a boxer and I would never throw myself down, but leaving me was like a very hard punch. I’m trying to get him back “he said.


Shortly after Leotta went on vacation to Sardinia, it was alleged that Scardina went on vacation to the same place but stayed in areas far from each other.

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