Beautiful Golf Player Katie Boulter Was Appreciated With Aid Campaign

Beautiful tennis player Katie Boulter, who ran for the help of older people, was highly appreciated. The golf player was appreciated thanks to his aid campaign. Many people appreciated their support for reasonable aid campaigns.

Katie Boulter: What’s important is being together

British tennis player Katie Boulter has dedicated herself to charity after a break in sports competitions due to a coronavirus pandemic. The beautiful tennis player started to work in a charity.

Boulter, 23, started volunteering at one of the UK’s largest charities, Age UK, and helping older people.

Completing the necessary training on Wednesday, the young tennis player said he was impatient to start helping elderly people, saying that he had been in London for 3 months because of the coronavirus, and that he could not see his beloved grandfather and grandmother.

“I can help them in this difficult time,” said Boulter. “I can go see them, talk on the phone or go shopping. Basically, I will make an effort to make their lives easier. I hope they don’t feel alone and hope they become fans of Leicester City.” there is a lot to talk to them. ”

Katie Boulter, his grandfather Football Lover

Katie Boulter is committed to the Premier League team because her grandfather is a strict Leicester City fan. Celebrating the 2016 championship with his grandfather Brian, the young tennis player said that he missed him very much and said, “We made many video calls. I am trying to make him as happy as possible.”

The 23-year-old tennis player, who fell to 374th in the world ranking due to an injury on her back, announced that she would not join Wimbledon.

The beautiful golf player stated that she was happy to be in aid campaigns. He says that it gives him a feeling of comfort, especially when the old people are in need of help. He especially insists that young people be more sensitive.

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