Beautiful and Talented Laura Biondo Surprises With Her Soccer Ball

One of the Talented Women of the Football World: Laura Biondo

Beautiful and talented laura biondo surprises with her soccer ball 4 gmspors

Challenge the men with Laura Biondo’s moves with the soccer ball. Female football player Laura received great acclaim in her video revealing her talent.

American female football player Laura Biondo has recently become a phenomenon on social media with her soccer ball show. Laura has prepared a very different concept this time. The video of the American athlete doing freestyle with the ball on the sofa, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, while cleaning, was featured on many sports pages. Laura also has championships in freestyle tournaments.

The show of the female football player with a leather ball at home shook the social media. Social media praised Laura’s actions.

Laura brought her love of football into her home. The American female football player fascinated sports fans with her artistic moves with the ball. The latest concept of Laura, who shoots freestyle videos, attracted attention. Laura, who shoots videos on the streets and on the fields, also added soccer ball to all the activities done at home. Winning freestyle championships many times, Laura’s show with the ball was also featured in the sports pages.

Beautiful and talented laura biondo surprises with her soccer ball 2 gmspors

Laura Biondo’s Successful Career

🥇11Guinness World Records
🏆World Champ
🇻🇪Latin Champ
🇮🇹2xEurope Champ

Laura was conceived and experienced childhood in Venezuela. She additionally lived part of her life in USA and Italy where she fostered her soccer profession. She began to play soccer when she was 10 in Weston, Florida and once in Italy she was important for a few groups in the Italian Major League.

She then, at that point found on account of her sibling the awesome and compensating universe of Freestyle where she has dominated and got one of the top driving female freestylers on the planet.

Beautiful and talented laura biondo surprises with her soccer ball 3 gmspors

Laura is a previous Cirque du Soleil craftsman in “Luzia” and first since forever female freestyler and Venezuelan to work for Cirque du Soleil. She was additionally the principal female freestyler to build up a Guinness World Records title. Today she holds 11 Guinness World Records titles making her the Venezuelan with most Guinness World Records ever.

Laura checks with World Championships to her name where she is likewise the solitary Latin American to have won a World Championship. She is continually contending in global titles remaining consistently among the best making her the best positioned Latin American throughout the entire existence of free-form.

Laura is likewise Head of Women’s Development for the WFFA (World Freestyle Football Association).

She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialists. She includes with concentrates in Economics and Management and talks familiar Spanish, English, Italian and French.

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