Barcelona thinks PSG and Manchester United for Lionel Messi!

Barcelona to determine team for Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi transfer news … Lionel Messi’s departure from Barcelona has made the club start to think about the money that will come from the Argentine star. According to Catalans PSG and United are the clubs that will open the mouth for Messi …

Among the clubs expected to make a transfer offer for Lionel Messi are the two teams of the city of Manchester, Inter and PSG. Barcelona management thinks that the clubs that can give the most numbers for the star player are Manchester United and PSG.

It has 700 claims but 100 will be asked!

According to AS’s report from the Spanish media; The Catalan club managers decided to ask about 100 million euros for Messi. While it was claimed that Messi wrote 700 million euros in the release clause in his contract, Barcelona decided not to cause difficulties in the transfer. If the offer comes, about 100 million euros will be requested from the other party.

The luckiest PSG!

Executives consider Neymar to be the luckiest club of the French, as Messi is a very good friend and PSG has no financial difficulties. The British are also viewed positively, as Manchester United wants a leader in its new staff structure. Inter are also among the clubs that are regarded positively for a long time because of their heart rate in the transfer of Messi, but there is not much hope for the offers that can come here because the economic power of the Italians in the transfer cannot be predicted.

222 million euro claim!

Late at night, Catalan radio RAC1 claimed that the administration had decided on a price of 222 million euros.

The French have started the psychological war!

The French media also took action and started making news to get ahead in the psychological warfare. According to the report of RMC Sport, Messi is not keen to transfer to Manchester City and Inter. Catalunya Radio also claimed that “Lionel Messi had talks with Guardiola. The Argentine star wants to play in Manchester City”.

Lionel Messi earthquake! He sent a text to the club: I GO!

Lionel Messi notified the break-up decision to the Barcelona management. According to the news in Marca, the Argentine star will leave the team free of charge using a clause in the contract.

Ronald Koeman came as part of the regeneration movement in Barcelona, ​​which ended the season with an 8-2 defeat that had a disappointing season and turned all this negative atmosphere into a nightmare, he said he wanted Lionel Messi to stay, but the latest news that caused a bomb effect in the Spanish press indicates that it is at the point of rupture.

According to the news in Marca, Barcelona’s Argentine superstar Lionel Messi sent a letter to the club that he wanted to leave Barça, which he wore throughout his career.

Thanks to the special substance …

Lionel Messi, who has requested to implement a special clause in his contract, will be able to leave the team free of charge accordingly.

According to the article in Messi’s contract, the star football player can leave the team until 10 June at the end of each season during his contract. The star player, who suggests the abnormal situation due to the pandemic, although the time has passed, is considering leaving the team in this way.

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