Barcelona in danger of not getting Lionel Messi’s license

Messi crisis is growing in Barcelona. La Liga President Javier Tabas stated that the Catalan giant must dispose of players in order to license Messi. Tebas said in a statement, “I don’t know if Messi will start the league with Barcelona. They have to comply with the Financial Fair Play limits.

Barcelona is in danger of not getting a license for Lionel Messi. If the Catalan giant, who is going through difficult economic times, cannot part ways with some of the players in his hands, he will lose Messi.

Barcelona in danger of not getting Lionel Messis license

Will Lionel Messi leave Barcelona?

La Liga President Tebas said, “I don’t know if Messi will start the league with Barcelona. They have to comply with the Financial Fair Play limits. If there is no separation, they cannot issue a license to Messi.” Messi, who will fight against Brazil in the final with Argentina in Copa America, does not currently have a contract with any club.

The La Liga President has announced that Lionel Messi cannot be granted a license at this time due to Barcelona’s economic situation.
Completing the La Liga season we left behind in third place, Barcelona wants to revise its squad in order to raise its targets both in the domestic league and the Champions League.

To this end, Barcelona has added Sergio Agüero, Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia and Emerson Royal to its roster and cannot license these players due to La Liga’s economic constraints.

The Spanish giant will not be able to license the Argentine player under the current conditions if Lionel Messi, whose contract has expired recently, signs a new contract.


What did Tebas say?

Tebas made the following comments on the troubled financial situation of the Catalan team:

“There is no problem in our regulations and the limits we set. Barcelona is going through a difficult time due to the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic.”

“If this regulation had not been made, the clubs would have incurred more debt. All the clubs have already approved this regulation personally.”

“It is not the first time a club has been unable to license a player due to financial difficulties. I’m sure Barcelona will overcome this problem as well, but otherwise they will not be able to give licenses to these players.”

“Barcelona lost 350 million euros in revenue during the pandemic period. Real Madrid was less affected by the lack of signings during this period and sending some of their high-paid players on loan.”

Other clubs in Europe suffered similar revenue losses. Manchester City lost 270 million euros and PSG 250 million euros. Looking at this picture, I can say that Real Madrid has done a good job at this point.”

Will Barcelona be able to license Messi?

“Messi will not be able to sign a contract worth his old contract in the current circumstances. Not only Barcelona, ​​no European club can pay at that level right now.”

“Messi’s future will be decided by the Barcelona club, not me. I hope they get over this problem and Messi stays in Spain. As the league management, we want the best players to continue here. Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo transferred to different leagues.” but we continue to grow.”

“The Premier League is currently the most valuable league in the world in terms of sports and economy, even though its players have not won the Ballon d’Or.”

“We shouldn’t be obsessed with players. Of course I would love for Messi to continue in La Liga, but I don’t see it as a necessity.