Bao Tram attracted attention with her beauty

She shows the hot physique of the captain of the Vietnamese female U18 team in her bikini, She is among the best of the new generation of athletes.

Le Thi Bao Tram is a familiar name when it comes to the Vietnamese women’s U18 team, the runner-up of the 2022 Southeast Asian U18 tournament.

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Bao Tram wears the Vietnam U18 captain’s armband under the guidance of coach Akira Ijiri at the 2022 Southeast Asian Championships. Quang Nam beauty and her teammates won all 5 matches and only lost the final match against U18 Australia.

The beauty of the football village was born in 2004 and grew from the VFF team, the youth training center of Vietnam Coal and Mineral. At the national U19 women’s tournament in 2021, Tram and her U19 women’s teammates won the championship perfectly.

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Bao Tram attracted attention with her beauty

On the football field, the Tram is always active and plays the main role of the team. The 18-year-old is seen as a promising young talent in Vietnamese women’s football. Tram emerged as the captain of the Vietnam women’s U16 team in 2019. Photo: VFF .

Unlike the strong image on the field, in real life Bao Tram has a soft and somewhat warm beauty.

Tram loves the pant style, dynamic and age-appropriate t-shirts, as well as cake designs, slim-fit tops that cleverly showcase their perfect curves.

Recently, Bao Tram has caught the attention of the online community by showing off her physical beauty by wearing a bikini on the beach. Looking at photos of the beautiful Generation Z, it’s hard to imagine her being the mainstay of the U18 Vietnam team.

Bao Tram is tight-lipped on social networks, only sharing a few photos. But from Tram’s personal page, it seems that the football beauty is still single and focusing on her career.

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