Baba Vanga supporters made a big claim! Donald Trump Will Die!

Baba Vanga supporters flew high again! They announced Trump’s fate

Father Vanga’s supporters suggested that the Bulgarian oracle knew that US President Donald Trump will catch the corona virus. According to his prophet, Trump will have a brain tumor and will remain deaf.

US President Donald Trump’s catch of the corona virus has been on the agenda of the world media.

While there were dozens of news from Trump’s health to who may have infected the corona virus, the British press included a claim that pushes the boundaries.

According to the Daily Star, the supporters of the Bulgarian seer Baba Vanga, who was claimed to know many things from the September 11 attacks to Brexit, from the collapse of the Soviet Union to the corona virus epidemic, flew high again.

Father Vanga and his supporters had a great prophecy about US president Donald Trump. The prophecy they revealed is allegedly put forward in 1996. After Donald Trump contracted coronovirus disease, the prophecy of Baba Vanga began to attract great attention.

Supporters of Baba Vanga, who passed away in 1996, claim that the woman made prophecies until the last moment and shared them with the world.

Accordingly, Baba Vanga suggested that the President of the United States will have a mysterious disease in 2020, and will remain deaf and a brain tumor will occur. Supporters of Baba Vanga argue that this will be the fate of Trump, who caught the corona virus.

Striking claim about the latest situation of Trump who was hospitalized: He has trouble breathing

Although it was announced that US President Donald Trump, who was caught in the Corona virus, was hospitalized for precautionary purposes, a critical claim was made. Speaking to CNN International, a source suggested that Trump had trouble breathing.

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