Award criticism from Bradley Cooper is on the agenda

Star actress Bradley Cooper stated that the award processes were ultimately completely pointless and essentially a completely different part of the business.

Award criticism from Bradley Cooper

Award criticism came from Bradley Cooper, who was nominated for the Best Actor Award at the Oscars for his performances in the films My Hope Light (Silver Lining Playbook), Sniper (American Sniper) and A Star is Born.

Many actors who have left behind the Oscars say that they have gained a significant experience from these processes and that the award period is completely meaningless.

Accompanying Cooper in the movie A Star Is Born, Anthony Ramos says he received the representation of the nominated actor and says it was a walking flag.

On the subject, the star actor said, “It’s too hard to work on and completely devoid of artistic creation. This isn’t the reason you sacrifice everything for the art you want to produce, and yet you spend a lot of time being part of ‘if you’re lucky enough to be a part of it’ in quotes. It’s great because it really brings you against ego, arrogance, and insecurity. It’s very interesting and totally meaningless. ”

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Bradley Cooper: It’s all over if my mom gets a virus

The world-famous actress Bradley Cooper said that they had a very strict quarantine with his family during the corona virus pandemic. Copper explained that she didn’t take anyone home for her mother’s health.

Bradley Cooper talked about how they lived during the pandemic in an interview with Interview Magazine. The actor added that his biggest fear was that his mother got a virus.

Cooper said that he and his daughter Lea, who was born from a relationship with her mother Gloria Campano and Irina Shayk, were practicing a very strict quarantine due to the pandemic.

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The famous actor said, “We are with my daughter, my mother and my two dogs. We did not leave the house.”

Saying that his mother will soon turn 80 and live with a colostomy bag, Cooper said that his mother did not take anyone home for his health. Cooper said, “If my mother gets corona virus, everything will be over.”

Cooper added that during the quarantine process it became a ‘one-person nursery’ for his 3-year-old daughter. He explained that he and his daughter played in the backyard of their house and from time to time he gave him swimming lessons.

Why did Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper break up?

It was revealed why Russian model Irina Shayk and world-famous actress Bradley Cooper broke up.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper, who have been together for 4 years and have a daughter from this relationship, put an end to their relationship the previous week. The world-famous model was seen by magazine reporters while leaving their house with a suitcase. His breakup was shown behind the scenes as Cooper’s being too intimate with Lady Gaga, who starred in the movie ‘A Star Is Born’. But the truth is revealed. Irina Shayk’s request for marriage and Bradley Cooper’s indifference to this situation caused the relationship to end.

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