Australian surfer Felicity Palmateer challenged the waves naked

Australian surfer Felicity Palmateer challenged the waves naked. Beautiful surfer Palmateer managed to be on the agenda with the challenge of the biggest waves of the world by undressing naked.

Famous Australian surfer Felicity Palmateer, who got stripped for the filming of the movie she will star in, surfed naked against the world’s biggest waves.

World-renowned Australian surfer Felicity Palmateer surfed completely nude in Hawaii, Fiji and Australia against the world’s biggest waves for the filming of the movie she will star in.

Describing the scenes where she surfed naked against the waves as extraordinary, Palmateer said that the video changed thoughts towards beauty, but at first glance it seemed sexually provocative.

Felicity Palmateer is a feminist character

Saying that he first thought of acting in any movie three years ago, Surfer said that acting strengthened his feminist side and gave him self-confidence. Underlining that art and sports are very important in terms of meditation and mental health, the beautiful surfer said that she feels extraordinarily happy while surfing or engaging in any art branch.

Australian craftsman and expert surfer, Felicity Palmateer (28, Perth, WA) is eager to declare the arrival of her most recent creative undertaking, “Shallow”.

“Shallow” is a really vanguard general media execution workmanship venture that networks Palmateer’s two incredible long lasting interests; craftsmanship and surfing.

In “Shallow”, Palmateer investigates her own translation of being free.

By stripping down and riding waves in distant and untainted areas, Palmateer attempts an excursion towards uninhibited self-articulation. She is a woman, alone and at home in the ocean, accomplishing something she cherishes.

She is investigating her own meaning of being “me”.

Felicity Palmateer from sexy surfers

“What started as a fairly straightforward yet alarming and energizing thought, has changed into something undeniably more therapeutic, delightful and testing than I envisioned,” clarifies Palmateer.

“The cycle was unimaginably enabling. By grasping my gentility it helped enormously with my confidence and self acknowledgment.”

“The sea has been my jungle gym, it has formed my life since I was youthful; as has craftsmanship.”

“I utilize both surfing and craftsmanship as types of reflection, inspiration and as idealism. I feel most good when I’m either in the water surfing, or making.”

“To have the option to interlace craftsmanship and surfing in quite a cozy manner in an undertaking like Skin Deep has been so fulfilling.”

The Skin Deep task, conceptualized by Palmateer and rejuvenated with the assistance of a little group of expert producers, has a creation course of events of almost three years.

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