Attacks Mona Lisa painting with cake

The attack on the Mona Lisa painting with cake is on the agenda of social media. An activist smeared cake cream on the Mona Lisa painting, which is on display at the Louvre Museum in France.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting, which is exhibited in the Louvre Museum in Paris and is considered one of the most protected works in the world, was attacked with a cake. The resulting images became the agenda on social media.

Cake attack at the Louvre Museum in Paris

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting, which is in the Louvre Museum in Paris, the capital of France, and is among the most popular works of art in the world, was attacked with a cake.

The Mona Lisa painting, which was covered with pastry cream, became a hot topic in a short time.

According to the testimony of witnesses present at the museum, a man in a wheelchair and wearing a wig carried out the attack. Suddenly, the man jumped out of his wheelchair and threw the cake at the Mona Lisa.

While those responsible for the security of the museum quickly removed the man, other visitors were seen recording those moments.

The painting, made by Leonardo da Vinci between 1503 and 1519, was not damaged by the attack due to the safety glass in front of it.

The attacker was thrown out

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However, the attack on the painting, which was in one of the most secure and ‘inaccessible’ rooms of the museum, which was always full of tourists, became the agenda. In some videos shared on social media, it was seen that Louvre security guards took action to remove the attacker from the building and clean the window.

Throughout history, the Mona Lisa painting has faced various attacks. In the 1950s, a man threw sulfuric acid on the painting, which caused it to wear out. Later, a Bolivian student hit him with a stone. In 1974, a Japanese woman sprayed the painting with red paint, while in the summer of 2009 a Russian tourist threw a cup of tea at it.


It turned out that the person wearing a dark black wig and lipstick was an artist and environmental activist, and that he had smeared the precious painting on the cake in protest. As the attacker is taken away by the security guards, “Think of Earth. Humans are in the process of destroying Earth! Artists think of the Earth, so I did it. Think of the planet!” he was seen shouting.

After the authorities removed the attacker from the painting, they returned to the scene to wipe the dessert on the glass.

While Louvre Museum officials did not comment on the incident, it was not known whether the police intervened or not.

Russian woman attacked the Mona Lisa

This was not the first attack on the Mona Lisa. In 2011, a Russian woman threw a cup of tea on the painting to protest against being granted French citizenship, and the protective glass of the painting was damaged.

In 1956, the painting was attacked by acid. The lower part of the painting was severely damaged and later restored. The painting has since been displayed behind a protective covering.

The Mona Lisa, thought to be 519 years old, is watched from behind a bulletproof screen throughout the year and is only removed from its casing once a year for experts to check its condition.


Leonardo da Vinci’s painting in 1503 depicts Italian nobleman Lisa Gherardini, who was the wife of cloth and silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo. The painting has been on display at the Louvre since 1797.

The painting rose to fame after it was stolen from the Louvre and subsequently recovered by a museum worker in 1911.

About 6 million people visit the world-famous masterpiece of the Renaissance painter every year.

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