Attack on Congress, The Simpsons knew it all: the show has a riot on January 20

The Simpsons‘ prophecies are still true: Trump’s VikingJake Angeli does not appear in an episode of the series created by cartoonist Matt Groening, despite photomontages that surfaced on social media right after the attack on Congress. But the 31st Halloween special called “The Horror XXXI Treehouse” actually takes place on Election Day, and the Springfield peaceful community goes to the polls.

Everything is going well, but in reality this is just Homer Simpson’s dream. He forgot to vote while he was sleeping, and everything went wrong when he awoke: his lost and invalid vote caused the Democrats to lose, and now in apocalyptic scenarios, chaos and robots dominated by the mercy of the US civil war and violence.

Simpsons may have predicted Capitol violence and more

Attack on Congress, The Simpsons knew it all: the show has a riot on January 20

Donald Trump allies as of late abused the Capitol, starting mobs. A few netizens said that such a circumstance was normal by The Simpsons.

It’s a dim day in American history. Donald Trump allies entered the Capitol working in Washington DC on Wednesday. The revolutionaries endeavored to officially underwrite Joe Biden’s triumph over Donald Trump to keep the US Congress from supporting the Electoral Board vote. The supportive of Trump rally made confusion, started viciousness, and constrained world pioneers to denounce the activities.

Accordingly, Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser expanded the crisis by 15 days. City hall leader Bowser likewise portrayed the conduct of Trump allies as “humiliating, energetic or more all illicit.”

A Twitter client visited the microblog webpage to post a video from one of The Simpsons’ scenes. The clasp has a place with the eighteenth scene of the seventh period of the arrangement, The Day Violence Die. The video shows characters not portrayed as individuals holding firearms or in any event, assaulting bombs in the capital.

Simpsons “shaman” Angeli

In this famous cartoon, actually “shaman” Angeli, only vaguely recalls the Sardinian accent William MacDougal. The character makes his fist and rage high in one episode, but without Jake Angeli’s title. However, after the performance – you guessed it – and after the smartwatch’s guess, it was “prophesied” with the episode “Bart to the Future” in 2000 after Donald Trump’s election, even this coincidence stuns fans of the show. Twitter: “How do they do this every time?”.

In the tweets posted with the label “civil war 2021” in the USA, it was shared that Homer Simpson waited on the roof of a house with a gun on 20 January 2021 in The Simpsons series. January 20 is also the day of the inauguration that Trump will hand over the presidency to Joe Biden.

Attack on Congress, The Simpsons knew it all: the show has a riot on January 20

The series came to the fore with the allegations that Donald Trump was going to be elected president, as well as the death of Trump. However, on August 27, 2020, marked as the date of death, Trump was nominated for the 59th presidential election to be held on November 3. After US President Donald Trump announced that he was infected with the corona virus, the death scene in the Simpsons prophecies came to the fore once again.

Attack on Congress, The Simpsons knew it all: the show has a riot on January 20

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