Astrid Wett has men saying ‘areas of strength for stay’ No Nut November after Star Wars cosplay

OnlyFans model Astrid Wett is taking the pulse of her fans after posting a ‘naughty cosplay’ video to YouTube, moaning that the No Nut complicates the November challenge.

OnlyFans model Astrid Wett has chaps encouraging each other to remain “solid” for No Nut November subsequent to sharing a “wicked cosplay” video.

The pornography star took to her YouTube channel yesterday (Thursday, November 3) to transfer a video named “Underhanded COSPLAY Take a stab at Take SEXY” for her 38,000 supporters of appreciate.

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“Today I have a take a stab at pull for you, however it’s to a greater degree a pretend, cosplay, hot outfits sort of energy, so I believe you’re truly going to partake in this one,” she made sense of.

Astrid likewise provoked fans to tap on her OnlyFans connect in the depiction, where they can obviously see her do some “insane things” with the outfits.

The video saw her take a stab at various shocking outfits including school young lady, mariner, cowpoke and house keeper ensembles.

At a certain point she showed up in the famous brilliant swimsuit wore by Princess Leia entertainer Carrie Fisher in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi.

Astrid wett has men saying 'areas of strength for stay' no nut november after star wars cosplay

In any case, apparently Astrid needs to look out for any way to improve on her Star Wars legend as she mistakenly said she was dressed as Leia and Luke Skywalker’s mum Padme, who was depicted by Natalie Portman in the movies.

One remark read: “Hate to break it to you Astrid, it’s Leia not Padme!”

However Astrid’s Star Wars faux pas didn’t hinder a significant number of her fans, who rather appeared to be more centered around No Nut November, a web prevailing fashion which sees men endeavor not to partake in any alone time all month long.

One guy encouraged others to not freak out and expressed: “As yet pushing ahead young men, many warriors have fallen as of now. CMON Young men WE CAN MAKE IT.”

Another remark read: “I watched the entire video is nnn [No Nut November] over?”

“Pls stop its nnn,” a third said.

Another fan, obviously boiling with rage, was astonished that the scandalous video was permitted on YouTube. They expressed: “Not certain assuming this will remain on YouTube.”

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