Asian model Danica Belle again shared bold photos

Model and Instagram star Danica Belle, who we should give her a special place among Asian girls, once again amazed us with her fiery poses.

She is on Instagram with the username @xdanicabelle and has 230 thousand followers. People follow her both because of her brave poses and because she modeled for many important brands.

She poses very boldly on Instagram and people think that she has crowned this Asian beauty with her bikini style dress code.

Asian model danica belle again shared bold photos 5 gmspors

danica belle also shares fun and short videos on tiktok. She rivals her external Onlyfans girls and sells her specials for thousands of dollars.

Although she has fewer fans on Tiktok, she actively posts. Her official account on Tiktok is @iamdanicabelle.

Still haven’t seen the duct tape bikini sweeping beaches around the world?

Asian model danica belle again shared bold photos 1 gmspors

Nicknamed “the king of tape” and the pioneer of “body tape art”, a reading guided by buyvarez, which consists of rescuing her private parts with adhesive tape for the square.

I hope the tape adheres well and is resistant to salt water and/or chlorine. Attendees at the world’s most famous festivals like Coachella or Ultra are famous for wearing the most extravagant outfits, but the new duct tape bikini trend is among the riskiest and most controversial, according to ABC.

Rather than simply opting for flashy sunglasses, feathers, crop tops or provocative T-shirts this year, many attendees walked the beaches in duct tape bikinis. The trend of these “sticky” swimsuits was particularly noted during the Miami Ultra Festival celebrations.

It’s a challenge started by designer and photographer Joel Alvarez, nicknamed the “King of the Tape” and pioneer of “body tape art”, which basically covers women’s private parts with adhesive tape and creates drawings on their bodies. Following her recent success, Alvarez opened her first store in Miami under the name “The Black Tape project”, from where she promotes “alternative fashion”, including a range of metallic tapes. “Although this art project started with just black tape, I’ve now started to experiment with different techniques and new forms of adhesive tape,” the designer explains via her website.

Although they’ve been around since 2008, they really took off at this year’s Coachella and Ultra festivals and came to Spain to host Project Zoo in Ibiza.

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