Asian Model Choi Yeon Kyu That Young Girls Fall In Love With

Recently, the male model Choi Yeon Kyu, admired by young girls, draws attention with her posts.

Asian model Choi Yeon Kyu has a significant girl following on Instagram. Especially adolescent girls have a great admiration for the Asian model and express that they are in love with her.

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Actor and model Choi Yeon Kyu has gradually become a popular name in her country and around the world. Most of the important male models in recent years have started to come out of the countries in the Asian continent.

Choi Yeon Kyu looks like she will find herself an important place among these male models. Choi Yeon Kyu, who has been an actor as well as her modeling career, has become the name that many young girls admire.

The MV is too short to watch, it’s beautiful but people are just too busy asking about the male lead

On August 2 (Vietnam time) at exactly 4:00 PM, Somi officially returned to the Kpop race with her MV DUMB DUMB. This is Somi’s first product in over a year since the release of “What You Waiting For”.

DUMB DUMB remains a song that carries Somi’s personal color since its debut. Somi continues to collaborate with well-known producers Teddy, R.Tee, 24 on this song. Notably, he also participated in writing lyrics for DUMB DUMB. While the song’s arrangement may sound minimalist, it brings the contrast between a pure girl like a princess, then transforms, transforms into bold and personality, ready to approach the listeners she loves.

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Staying true to the content of the song, Somi showed these two contrasts in the MV. She looked extremely beautiful and personable in her shimmering outfits and school uniforms with a slight US-UK orientation. Strange and familiar mask choreography is cleverly put together in MV DUMB DUMB.

Somi is pretty but people are too busy asking about the male lead! The beauty of the male lead not only conquered Somi in the MV, but netizens went crazy asking for information. It’s a pity that the MV is so short, less than 3 minutes, so it’s not “enough” to watch or listen to.

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