Asian Model Chiharu Okunugi’s Success

In recent years, the popularity of Asian models has begun to increase. Of course, this has implications from the film industry to digital games and more. Especially among Asian models, Japanese models are usually in the first place. Chiharu Okunugi is also a Japanese model and represents her country by achieving important things in her career.

Chiharu Okunugi is a 30-year-old Asian female model. Known as one of the top 10 female models in Asia, she appeared in important fashion shows and managed to take part in many podiums.

Chiharu Okunugi is in the Foreground with Her Works

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Chiharu Okunugi does not aim to be popular compared to many other models. She does her job and leads a quiet life. She doesn’t exaggerate her social media posts and shares kind and standard content with her fans.

She never mixes her modeling profession with her private life. It does not disgrace itself, especially like the Instagram models of recent years. It owes its success to being one of the most famous names in Asia that deserves to be mentioned.

popular in japan

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Despite being an Asian model, there are more people in her country who admire her.

Developing her career since her youth and becoming one of the most assertive female models of her country, Chilharu managed to gain fans from many countries.

Intertwined with the Community

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Although Chiharu Okunugi has achieved some fame with her modeling career, she has never changed her circle of friends. She always kept her relationships warm with the people he was friends with for years. She prefers a quiet conversation with her loved ones to noisy places.

How Old Is Chiharu Okunugi?

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Born オクヌギ千春May 15, 1992 (age 30) Tokyo, Japan

Okunugi was discovered by a Japanese modeling agent while attending school and started her career modeling for Yohji Yamamoto in Tokyo.

Okuyugi was once ranked among the “Top 50” models by

Inactive on Social Media

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The Japanese model is not a very active user on social media. Although she has managed to reach a certain fan base in Instagram, reddit and Twitter, she does not often share. Her Instagram username is @chiharuokunugi and he has close to 52 thousand followers.

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