Asian-American beauty crowned Miss America 2022

R’Bonney Gabriel will represent the host USA in the Miss Universe pageant. It is also the rival of Ngoc Chau in the second largest beauty arena on the planet.

According to Insider, the Miss USA pageant – Miss America – found the winner on the evening of October 3rd as R’Bonney Gabriel. The competition was held at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Reno, Nevada, USA. R’Bonney Gabriel is crowned by Miss Elle Smith, who reigns on stage.

In the behavioral test, Gabriel gave a fluent answer on climate change. She wants to use the voice, lifestyle and career of a successful beauty queen to make an impact.

“I’m a fashion designer and I design what I wear. I wear recyclables to support environmental sustainability. I guess that’s my mission. Let’s go home. Let’s look at home, at her work, what can be recycled to make life more sustainable.” she replied.

R’Bonney Gabriel has a Filipino father and an American mother. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Fashion Design. Currently, Gabriel’s main job is as a sustainable fashion designer.

Gabriel worked in several state level beauty pageants before becoming the US representative on Miss Universe. She tried the beauty pageant for the first time in 2020 and entered the top 5 in Miss Kemah. A year later, she competed for Miss Texas USA as Miss Harris but was unsuccessful.

She returned to the Miss Texas 2022 arena as Miss Friendswood in 2022 and won. Beautiful became the first Asian-American Lady in the US state of Texas.

Winning Miss Texas USA 2022 helps her qualify to represent Texas at the Miss USA 2022 pageant. Beautiful won and won the sub prize for best state costume. Second Miss Philippines-American after Macel Wilson (1962).

In the near future, the beauty will represent the US host at the Miss Universe pageant, which will take place on January 14, 2023 in New Orleans. R’Bonney Gabriel is Ngoc Chau’s rival in the second largest beauty arena on the planet.

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