Ashly Schwan in trouble with death threats

Ashly Schwan has been receiving threats for a long time. The Onlyfans content producer is currently on the agenda with shocking statements.

She said “I have the best boobs”! The death threats she received got her into trouble.

Adult content producer Ashly Schwan was on the agenda, claiming that she was the model with the best breasts on the famous platform OnlyFans. Schwan, who started her career with Youtube and then attracted attention with her beauty and modeled for many brands, including Playboy, explained that her career as an adult content star brought her more attention than she wanted.

The Californian model often shares details of her life in the video diaries she shares on her Youtube channel. The young woman, who managed to bring her fans to every platform she was involved in, claimed in a podcast broadcast she participated that the reason for this loyalty was her beauty, especially her breasts, which are the ‘best’ when it comes to adult content platforms.

Explaining that she invested heavily in her breasts, Ashly explained that she had undergone breast operations since she got fillers at the age of 20 because she was not satisfied with her size, and that she regularly had her fillers renewed even though she thought they were great now. The young woman claimed that her breasts were a trademark.

The young star, who has amassed more than 450,000 followers on her Instagram page, thus increasing her success on other platforms, admitted that some of her fans have become dangerously obsessed with her.

She explained that they had spoken to a fan she had recently contacted for a while, but after a short time left her unanswered, the young man sent her a menacing photo of her in front of Ashly’s house with a knife in her hand.

The young star explained that she was horrified after this incident and had to change her home for the second time.

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