As Brazilian legend unveils plans for eight songs in 2021, Ronaldinho is sexy dance with half-naked twerking beauties

Brazilian football icon Ronaldinho is currently pursuing a career in music and plans to release eight new singles with his rap group ‘Tropa do Bruxo’s’ in 2021. Legendary football player Ronaldinho played in the clip with nude images.

Ronaldinho, one of the important football players of Brazil, appeared in front of the cameras in a clip prepared for a project. Obscene images drew attention in the video clip with the legendary name.

Brazilian legend football player Ronaldinho came to the fore with his clip this time. Former football player Ronaldinho was also featured in the video shot for the Tropa do Bruxo channel on the social media channel YouTube. Real and virtual environment were combined in the clip of the song, voiced by the Recayd Mob group and rapper Djonga.

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Tropa do Bruxo feat. Recayd Mob – Rolê Random (Derek, Dfideliz, MC Igu, Jé Santiago and Ronaldinho)

The video clip, which also attracted the attention of obscene images, watched more than 300 thousand in 1 day on YouTube. The world-famous football player is on the agenda with the sexy dances and nudity images of women in the clip where he plays.

Ronaldinho – who has recuperated from Covid – plans to deliver eight tunes in 2021.

He has likewise figured out how to get everyone’s attention in the music video for Tropa do Bruxo’s most recent single.

World Cup champ Ronaldinho even uncovered one of his notorious Kangol caps for the event.

In the video, he is coolly found a seat at a poker table while a woman twerks close to him.

The 40-year-old is then seen moving close to the pool while encompassed by ladies.

Toward the finish of the video, Ronaldinho hops on top of six of the swimsuit clad women.

Ronaldinho made his affection for music known when he delivered a melody in 2016.

The Barcelona legend made a song of praise for the competitors at the Paralympics in Rio.

Ronaldinho has been sentenced to prison!

Ronaldinho had come up with a prison sentence in recent months. The legendary footballer, who was sentenced to 5 months in Paraguay in March for a fake passport, was turned into house arrest on bail of $ 1.6 million. The 40-year-old soccer man, who completed his 5-month sentence, was given Tuesday in August.

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Ronaldinho, who wore the jersey of European giants such as PSG, Barcelona and Milan throughout his career, won 14 trophies. The Brazilian legend, who was chosen the best football player in the world in 2005, had the joy of the World Cup in 2002 with his country.

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