Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his pictures from the hospital

Master actor Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his surgery photos with the movie Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger had surgery. The master actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was engraved in memory with the movie Terminator, had an operation from his heart. It was learned that the American actor had a difficult surgery due to his illness.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 73, announced that he had surgery.

Sharing a photo of him taken in the hospital bed, Schwarzenegger said that the aortic valve had been replaced. The lead actor of Terminator movies has recently been dealing with health problems due to his advancing age.

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“Get well soon” messages poured from his followers to the famous actor.

Schwarzenegger had undergone another operation on his heart two years ago. In addition to acting, Schwarzenegger served as the Governor of the State of California from 2003–11.

Schwarzenegger married Maria Shriver, the niece of the 35th President of the United States John F. She broke up with her husband in 2011, after accepting the paternity of a child, who was a maid woman in 1997. The divorce ended in 2017.

The famous actor told about his experiences in that period in his book “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story”.

Saying that he made a lot of effort to make peace with Shriver after the betrayal, Schwarzenegger said that he could not prevent divorce.

The master actor also wrote in the book about Joseph, who was born of a forbidden relationship: I tried to convince myself that Baena’s wife was his real father, but as Joseph grew older, his resemblance to me emerged.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gets along well with his son (Baena)

Born from a relationship with Mildred Patricia Beane, who worked as a housekeeper in Arnold Schwazenegger’s house with Terminator films, Joseph Beane enjoys a vacation in Malibu with his lover Nicky Dodaj.

The 22-year-old Baena also proves that he is literally the son of his father. Baena, who has been doing special exercises to develop his muscles since he was very young, showed that these efforts were not wasted when he was seen on the beach.

Joseph Baena, wearing a purple swimsuit, stood next to her boyfriend Nicky Dodaj while taking a selfie for social media. Then he smiled slightly when he noticed the paparazzi filming them.


Although Schwarzenegger denied that Baena was his son for a while, then the truth came out. This situation also ended Arnold Scwarzenegger’s marriage with his wife Maria Shriver.

Baena, 22, who has been working bodybuilding for a long time, revealed that she is indeed a copy of her father in this sense with her latest pose.

Baena; with his photograph revealing the muscles in the upper part of his body. Many likes and comments came to the young man.

Joseph Baena was born from an evasive relationship with Mildred Baena, who worked as a longtime maid alongside the famous actress and former Governor of California, Schwarzenegger.

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