Ariella Nyssa posed nude, showed off her cellulite

This is how social media phenomenon Ariella Nyssa celebrated her cellulite and excess weight!

She posed naked

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Ariella Nyssa, who turned into a phenomenon in a short time with her posts on body positivity on social media, responded to those who criticize her excess weight on social media. Challenging everyone instead of hiding her body, Nyssa shared her completely nude photos to showcase her cellulite, excess weight and stretch marks, which are seen as flaws by the society.

Arielle Nyssa, who reacted to the understanding of perfect beauty created on social media, argued that women are more beautiful in their natural state.

The plus-size phenomenon said that she was at peace with her body and loved herself, ignoring the negative criticisms made against her. Expressing that women are excluded when they break out of their beauty patterns, Nyssa made a bold statement to her 700 thousand Instagram followers.

The name, who preferred not to hide the spots that are seen as a flaw on her body, went in front of the camera naked to show her natural existence.

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Sharing body positivity for women to love their bodies and themselves, Nyssa shared her poses sitting on the bathtub in a natural way away from photoshop and filters. Expressing that women should be proud of their real bodies, Nyssa said to her post, “It’s completely normal not to be perfect! Cellulite, excess weight and stretch marks… All real and mine. Drop everything and be proud of it. You only have one body and you are much more beautiful than you think,” he added.

Nyssa’s sharing was met with intense interest from social media users in a short time. Phenomenon’s post managed to collect thousands of likes and comments in a short time.

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