Ariel Tatum attracts attention with her beauty at Paris Fashion Week

Admiring Paris Fashion Week, Ariel Tatum draws attention with her beauty.

Ariel Tatum, who participated in Paris Fashion Week, impressed many people while walking the runway in her red long dress.

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Actress Ariel Tatum is back in the spotlight. The movie Wings of Broken Wings has been successfully screened recently. The 25-year-old woman dazzled this time at the world fashion event Paris Fashion Week.

In the photo circulating on social media, Ariel Tatum looks elegant and graceful in her red dress. She rocked the runways of Paris Fashion Week confidently in the spring and summer of 2003.

Excerpt from Ariel Tatum’s personal Instagram account, the first Indonesian female representative to enter Le Fashion Show Loreal Paris.

“I am honored to be the first Indonesian female representative to walk at Le Fashion Show Loreal Paris Spring/Summer 2023 Paris Fashion Week,” Ariel said in a short video posted to Instagram.

This Jakarta-born model also wants her actions to promote empowerment and equality for all.

“I hope this will be the start of my efforts to preserve power and equality for all,” he hoped.

Ariel Tatum received praise from netizens after her elegant look at Paris Fashion Week.

@jaangelaaa “She looks beautiful in a red dress”.

@evivamore said “Ariel Tatum will always be a favorite of Indonesian celebrities”.

“Seriously, ariel tatum is so beautiful and stunning!” @galgabut_.

@ephipanyongaku, “Still no other collaborations with Ariel Tatum at Paris Fashion Week.”

Ariel Tatum is known as a very talented artist. She is not only an actress but also a model known as a singer.

In a short video on Instagram, she also shares the extraordinary story of her struggle to become the current Ariel Tatum.

“People don’t know what I went through to get to this point in my life. Doubt, compare, belittle, belittle. If all this doesn’t affect me, that’s my mentality and that’s how I see myself,” he said. Ariel.. (sy)

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