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Are Celebrities Good Role Models For Societies?

Are Celebrities Good Role Models For Societies? Is the claim that celebrities change the body perception of society true? Do Hollywood celebrities’ opinions in politics affect society?

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Celebrities change society’s perception of body

Today, with the widespread use of the internet and the increasing interest in social media, a new type of celebrity has emerged: Phenomena … People who share what is happening in their daily lives, what they eat, their shopping and their travels have emerged, as if feeding the aunt-uncle state to death. Nowadays, there are those who claim that these people are an example to children and young people. Do you think a woman with a make-up channel on YouTube or an actor playing a game on Twitch can really be an example for a certain segment of the society?

People choose their role models unconsciously. So none of us turn to ourselves and ask, “Who should I choose?” Think of the person you chose as your idol. Have you ever questioned his life until you became your idol? You chose a role model for yourself, but you did not question any of them until this perception settled in your mind, because all of them were ‘just for you’ in your subconscious. There are young people who adopt today’s phenomena as role models with this same thought model. There is a huge difference between the role models in their minds and the role models with the right images they should have, as they are concerned with what they have rather than who the phenomenon they admire. is coming.

“In this case, their impact on the society is also important. Being in such positions brings with it the exemplary people of the society, that is, the characteristics of being a role model. If we explain the concept of being a role model a little bit, our first role models in the first years of our lives are our parents. Over time, other relatives, our teachers, are candidates to become our role models. When a child grows up a little, especially with adolescence, the period when rebellion and efforts to gain independence begin, he seeks a very strong role model for himself. Of course, the role model candidates who have the most potential to have this much power are famous people and phenomena, ”he said.

Lifestyles of Hollywood stars are presented as models to the society

Are celebrities good role models for societies 4 gmspors

We are in a period when it is very easy to reach the virtual universe. Smart phones are used to reach these channels rather than phones. The problem that arises in this case is much more than internet or phone addiction. The main problem is the emergence of those who think that they can reach what they see on social media or who believe that they should reach it … I mean, even if the number of celebrities who take Miami vacation in the world increases and stays the same, now it can be put into your eyes more …

There are channels created for your eyes … When this show of strength is performed by a phenomenon every day, every minute, it brings two big problems. First; it turns you into an aunt-uncle peeking at someone else’s life behind the door. Second, it creates a desire to imitate these lives, to be one of them …

In the presidential election in the USA in 2021, the bias of Hollywood stars in the presidential election revealed that they played with the whole structure of the society. Hollywood stars are shown as the most influential people in America in society.

They’re not followed, they’re being imitated

In fact, you will see that all phenomena are actually ‘little celebrities’. On a certain social media platform, they have ‘audiences’ that sometimes reach small, sometimes millions. They produce different content for that audience (which we see that many of them just goygoy, let alone produce content) and so they get rich.

At this point, what you need to see is; It is that these contents or unfortunately goygoys can have a place in your life … When it comes to, it is more than just a place, it pushes you to become that person. We see people around who adopt his style just because I don’t know who’s wearing it, and follow that person fanatically enough to melt the stock of that product in the store just because he’s using the x product. All of these cause people who imitate each other at the end of the day, wear the same waist bag, wear furry slippers, and say “What is the meaning?”

At the end of the day, we see that the celebrity is imitated instead of being followed. Maybe all they do is not accepted without question, but it is very sad for today’s new generation young people that even one of the examples I mentioned above is happening.

Do not forget that; Just as you are imitating himself now, one day the same phenomenon was following someone more famous than himself.

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Even the hollow content of Hollywood actors is valuable

Another important problem of the people in this group is to follow all their content just because they are a fanatic phenomenon. Watching their live broadcasts, videos where they have hours of empty conversation … It will not be of any use, and to continue doing this even if it will steal ahead of time … We all spend time on funny and most of them silly content. Surely you haven’t watched the popular Vine videos for a while?

But this is not such a thing that I am talking about. As I mentioned, “I prank my daddy”, “I tried Instagram filets with my sister” “Girl from Yeditepe” “Popping watermelon with a tire” “I wrote a song by Marula” let alone benefit your life, when it is over, “Let the one who loves Allah throw a book on me.” “The evil videos that will push the boundaries of your brain to say” and the little celebrities who make them are valued … The books they tell about being deceived are “guides” to women.

Are Celebrities Good Role Models?

Emphasizing that artists can also make mistakes, Pınarcı stated that their mistakes are covered in a different way in the media due to their popularity. Pınarcı continued as follows: “But the point that needs to be considered here is that, yes, young people do not have any objection or preventing them from taking some artists as role models. It caused false beliefs such as “Using this on stage causes some relief.” Another friend may have recommended it; “I used it, I felt this, so use it.” The famous person may have used it with this intention and made a mistake. The important thing here is not to adopt the error, but to adopt the right examples, the right actions. ”

Drawing attention to the rhetoric that some substances are taken in order to survive more in entertainment centers, Pınarcı said, “Actually, your body has a walking program. You intervene with this artificial substance that you have taken into that program. it brings energy to the fore and causes it to be used at that moment and causes you to collapse tomorrow or the next day, unable to perform certain vital functions. What is known as ‘well-being’ is actually a false state of well-being. ” he spoke.

Hollywood stars impacted society in quarantine

The Corona virus continues to shut everyone home. Hollywood’s famous names also take the speed of the virus’s spread very seriously and quarantine themselves to protect everyone.

Taylor swift

Taylor Swift called out to her fans from her Instagram account. The 30-year-old singer said, “Guys, I follow you online and I love you very much. I am worried that things are not taken seriously enough yet and I want to share this with you. I see a lot of people still meet and go to parties. Nowadays it’s time to cancel every plan. You should isolate yourself as much as possible. Although you may not feel sick, you may be carrying things to older and vulnerable people. We are having terrible times and it is time to compromise our social life, ”she warned her followers.

Ariana grande

Young singer Ariana Grande also did her part by calling people. Speaking on her Twitter account about people’s indifference, Grande said, “I still keep hearing a lot of people saying,” It’s not a big deal, we’ll be fine. ” I understand your thinking this way a few weeks ago, but please read what is happening in the world. Please do not be blind. It is very selfish and dangerous to take things so lightly. Those who think “We are young, nothing will happen to us” endanger anyone who is old or in poor health. You sound so stupid. You have to consider the lives of others, ”she said.

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Miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus, who shared a black and white photo taken with her dogs, was another name that quarantined her. Cyrus wrote the note on the photo, “I keep my social distance with a few exceptions.” The famous singer also argued that people need to be more thoughtful these days, it is disrespectful that everything runs out in the grocery stores because of those who panic.

Arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the star of the Terminator series, has taken the Corona virus outbreak most seriously from the beginning. Schwarzenegger, who tries to raise awareness of his followers from his Instagram account whenever he has the opportunity, shared the video he took with his pets again on his Instagram account. “Stay home as long as possible,” said the 72-year-old actor. Listen to the experts, not the morons. We will get through this together, ”he said.

Be original, go after the different, Do not imitate Be yourself

If the difference between being an idol and impersonating anyone is obvious, then what needs to be done is obvious. Of course, we are not going to turn our backs on the virtual world. Since the disappearance of phenomena will not provide any personal gain, it is necessary to determine how we will deal with this virtual world. Being able to navigate to useful ingredients and not expose the brain to hollow deer for more than a few seconds is no more than thinking of your own well-being.

What the majority does, likes and adopts does not have to make sense for you. Social media platforms and producers of hollow content cannot and should not be a way of getting away from the stress of your day or a means of taking up your spare time. Remember that these people are literally ‘famous’ people, whose ad is pumped into your mind from everywhere you see and your ear can hear. So go after what you believe is free and true only expresses you!