Are Bad Bunny and Bizarrap planning a musical collaboration together?

After Bad Bunny’s early arrival in Argentina, fans are already speculating to see them together.

Bizarrap is a trap music producer best known to teenagers and has expanded urban music worldwide. His sessions were attended by great singers such as Nicky Jam, Tiago PZK, Paulo London and Anuel AA.

Bad Bunny has landed in Latin America and will present its next show on November 4 in Argentina. What is striking is that it arrived earlier than expected, and many fans began to speculate about the reasons for this.

When artists go on tour, they usually don’t stay that long in another country. Some even stay for just a day, but like Bad Rabbit they are never seen staying for a whole week.

After months of touring, Biza returned to his native Argentina. The event may have been a coincidence, but fans of the stars say they may be planning their long-awaited collaboration.

Another fact: It was the translator of “Me porto bonito” who connected Bizarrap and Villano Antillano for the production session, which has already reached a total of 18 million views on YouTube.

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