Appointment of diversity consultant to Buckingham Palace is on the agenda

Meghan Markle accused the Royal Family of racism in an interview with Queen II Oprah Winfrey. It was alleged that Elizabeth would appoint the diversity consultant.

The impact of the interview that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave to US TV presenter Oprah Winfrey continues to grow. Queen II. It is said that Elizabeth will appoint a differences advisor after her claim of racism. According to the Independent report, sources close to the palace said that a staff member to be recruited, as well as Royal members, would participate in “listen and learn” exercises on how to improve efforts on diversity involving minorities and the LGBTI + community.

It was reported that a source speaking to the Daily Mail used the following statements: This is an issue that families take very seriously. We have policies, procedures and programs in place, but we were unable to make the progress we wanted and we acknowledge that more needs to be done. We do not hesitate to try new ways. Studies on this have been going on for a while and are taking place with the full support of the family.

Markle stated in an interview published on CBS that some names in the family were concerned about his son Archie’s skin color. Prince Harry also said that racism was an important factor in their settlement from London to California.


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