Apple has opened iOS 15 to access! What’s new with Apple iOS 15

Apple opened iOS 15 to access: Here are the changes that will come to iPhone phones?

Apple has opened iOS 15, which it announced at the launch on September 14, to access. The company claimed that there are many changes in iPhone phones with the new operating system version. The new iOS 15 will be available in many countries.

Apple has opened ios 15 to access whats new with apple ios 15 gmspors

The iOS 15 version, which Apple users have been eagerly waiting for, has been opened to access.

Technology giant Apple has released iOS 15, the new version of iOS, the highly anticipated operating system of the iPhone. With the new update, Apple aims to offer many different features to users.

Features of Apple iOS 15 version

You will be able to share your screen while making a FaceTime call. The SharePlay feature, which will allow you to watch TV shows and movies or listen to music together, will offer a new way of sharing experiences with distant family members and friends.

Apple has opened ios 15 to access whats new with apple ios 15 gmspors

The voice of each person speaking is heard as if they are coming from where they are located on your screen. This helps conversations become more natural and fluid.

Android and Windows

With iOS 15, FaceTime calls are ported to Android and Windows devices as well as Apple devices.

iOS 15 Messages and Memoji

Links, images and other content shared with you in Messages are now available in a new section called ‘Shared With You’ in the corresponding app.

Without having to go back to Messages, you can reply directly from the app you opened the content.

Now you can choose outfits for your Memoji and express yourself with new stickers. You can reflect your style as you wish with accessories.

photo collections

Photos in Messages now appear as a collage or as an image that you can swipe through. By tapping, you can view them all as a grid or add a quick Tapback. And with a few taps, you can save photos to your archive.


The focus feature helps you when you need to concentrate or get away. By selecting a Focus from the list of focus options or by creating a custom Focus setting for yourself, you allow only the notifications you want to receive. In this way, you can devote yourself completely to the work you do.


Notifications are now available in a new look. With contact photos and larger app icons, it’s now easier to understand who or where notifications are coming from.


It lets you see cities from another perspective, with details on roads, neighborhoods, trees, buildings, and more.

Apple has opened ios 15 to access whats new with apple ios 15 1024x538 1 gmspors

New driving features

The Maps app now offers a new custom driving map that helps drivers see up-to-date accidents and traffic conditions as well as road details.

New public transport features

Public transit integration shows nearby stops and transit times, and lets you pin your favorite routes to the top. When you approach your stop, the Map application notifies you.


The new Safari has a new design that makes it easier to reach the controls with one hand and puts the content at the center. Compact and lightweight, the new tab bar hovers at the bottom of the screen so users can switch between tabs.

And A Few More Features

  1. Live Text can intelligently select rich and useful information in images. In this way, you can search, send e-mail or get directions by touching the highlighted text in the photo.
  2. The Live Text feature also works in the Camera app. In other words, you can quickly take action with useful information by pointing your iPhone’s camera at a text while you are anywhere.
  3. Updates to the Health app introduce new ways to share your data with others. A metric to help you assess your fall risk and a trend analysis to help you understand changes in your health are two of them.

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