Apollonia Llewellyn poses in a metallic bikini

The phenomenon name Apollonia Llewellyn, known as ‘Barbi’ on social media, added a new one to her sexy poses and made her followers on social media happy. The phenomenon, which has more than 460 thousand followers, received full marks from the fans for the sharing of the name with a metallic bikini.

Apollonia llewellyn poses in a metallic bikini 2 gmspors

Social media phenomenon Apollonia Llewellyn managed to become the agenda on social media with her latest post from her Instagram account. Phenomenon has a huge following of 460,000 fans on the social media platform where she shares her sexy snaps. Sharing a pose taken in a metallic bikini in Spain’s popular holiday destination Ibiza, Apollonia Llewellyn published moments of cooling under the shower.

After posing under the shower, the phenomenon sitting on a swing, this time combined her metallic colored bikini with a white beach trousers.

The series shared by Apollonia Llewellyn from her Ibiza vacation caught the attention of social media users. Phenomenon’s post garnered more than 5,500 likes and hundreds of comments. A social media user commented, “You look incredible” to the post of the phenomenon. Another social media user complimented the phenomenon with the comment “Beautiful and sexy”.

Apollonia llewellyn poses in a metallic bikini 1 gmspors

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