Antonella Alonso at the height of her fame

Antonella Alonso, also known by her stage name LaSirena69, is a Venezuelan pornographic actress. She started her career in a different industry and advanced her great fame to the top with the power of social media.

Antonella Alonso is a celebrity with more than 3.4 million followers on Instagram. She gained great fame in the adult film industry and found significant support for her career.

Antonella Alonso: “One is not born thinking of becoming a porn actress”

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After three years in the industry, in the industry, and in thought, Antonella Alonso gives a review of her career and talks about feminist porn and current events in the industry.

Antonella Alonso’s apartment somehow goes your app. If your face doesn’t convey calmness, it looks like you’re having a nervous breakdown. But it is not. His shake has only been featured a few times in sections of the venue’s training grounds. It doesn’t do well for my question about sitting is not preferable, for example he explains that he’s going to “die”: by a few hours she’s exhibiting an operative move. The interview , La Sirena , will be of general use to us .

Five people from Venezuela can give away different melodies by filtering to their elite a while ago. The possibility of an event marked by the mind’s departure the day he grows up in can be made open to those who might enjoy the mind and the material. She prefers sex, porn, femininity, and preference.

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Antonella Alonso, La Sirena 69, is one of the most prominent porn actresses in the American industry and perhaps the most important figure in Latin America. The Oscars of adult cinema and the community gathered on the PornHub platform (more than 410 thousand subscribers on her profile and more than 220 million views of her videos) have been approved by communities such as Instagram (more than 3.4 million).

Antonella alonso at the height of her fame 3 gmspors

She lost her job in 2017 after working as a waitress, bartender, merchandising and advertising in the United States due to the types of photos she uploaded to her social networks. With no income, no bills to pay, and no erotic impulse she still has, photographer Mike “Ohrangu” Tang told her about a friend’s platform. It was about IsMyGirl, a space where it could offer photography and generate revenue. Later that yearhe accepted the offer with some reservations. Instead of being embarrassed or upset that people would find out, her fear went elsewhere, doubting whether the money would come to him.

Antonella Alonso got the money once, again, and again, and this continued until she spent the whole of 2018 living on this platform. With OnlyFans, these spaces didn’t have the coverage today, nor did they have the reputation of taking advantage of them. During 2019, everything changed when, as she said, the agent figure appeared. This is how La Sirena 69’s profession began to take shape: pleasure.

This image pays homage to the idea that porn is adult cinema, but there are still those who attribute different biases to it.

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Just as a person goes to the office because he is a lawyer, so do I go to a record set. I’m an actor, a legal job, I pay taxes. They pay me by check, not cash. More than anything else in Latin America, people don’t understand this. It’s pretty normal in the United States, especially in LA. Another type of culture. I don’t know how close the Latin language is to understanding this.

“Just as a person goes to the office because she is a lawyer, I go to a record set. “I’m an actor, I’m a legal business, I pay taxes,” she said.

You even stated that your first contact with sex came from expressions such as “beware of the disease”, “be careful, you will get pregnant”. Was she approaching sex out of fear rather than pleasure?

Sex is pleasure, but also danger. At that time, rather than your taboo, I felt my family saying to me, “Look, if you get pregnant, your life will be ruined.” I was a 14-15 year old girl back then. I’m not saying that having a baby is bad. I think she should be at an appropriate age and doesn’t look like that at 15. In that sense, my family didn’t tell me anything because it was taboo. Instead, my mom told me to “use a condom”, “check that there’s nothing on the penis”. They were comments made to protect me.

Because OnlyFans and Instagram act as a counterweight, for example. They easily manage their image and form their own communities. They have more independence.

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Exactly. Abella Danger already has the same followers as Brazzers. I mean, she has a community as big as the producer. So you can reach those levels and realize that you don’t need a production company. As for the fans, I’m following, I’m practically a producer level. On the other hand, before, without internet, social networks, on the VHS point… It was a very good period for producers to earn more money. Not now. They need to solve this in another way.

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