Another suicide on Facebook, Max Ganly committed suicide

Photographer Commits Suicide, writes ‘Photography is a Dying Industry’. Max Ganly, who posted a farewell message on his Facebook account, was a professional photographer. It was learned that the successful photographer, who announced that he would commit suicide from his Facebook account and did not receive a message again, committed suicide.

Another tragedy happened to the photography industry. The prominent Tennessee-based photographer blamed the fact that he committed suicide yesterday and in his suicide note posted on Facebook, he can now support himself and his loved ones through the art and profession he loves now. Max Ganly was a professional photographer and had the opportunity to work with many famous models.

The Bond Between Mannequin and Photographer

My heart is crushed right now… not many people understand the bond between a photographer and a model. It takes trust, communication, and a real connection to capture someone’s personality. Max Ganly was one of my closest friends in the industry. He was there at the end of every runway. He was there when I needed photos to get signed in California. He was there when I needed pageant headshots. He’s the reason my face was on the wall at West Town Mall. He’s the reason I fell in love with swimwear modeling. He believed in me so much and I can’t explain how encouraging it was as a young woman to have someone as generous and kind as he was to sacrifice hours rolling around on concrete to get the perfect angles so that I could succeed. Every interaction I ever had with Max was full of laughter and every image he created was gold. I can’t believe I’ve lost a friend. I can’t believe that I’ve lost someone who made me smile from ear to ear. Max, I love you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for giving me confidence and lifting me up. Thank you for living… because you pushed me to live. I only wish I could have done the same. 😭


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