Another love betrayal in football, Stanija Dobrojevic cheated on Adem Ljajic

Adem Ljajic, who could not give the expected performance in Beşiktaş, continues to react with his reluctant attitude outside the field. It was claimed that the source of the poor performance of Ljajic, whose psychology deteriorated after the separation with Stanija Dobrojevic, known as the “Serbian bomb”, was the separation.

The scandal movement left the pain of love behind! The news that the “Serbian bomb” devastated Adem Ljajic appeared in the media in his country. Reports of betrayal about Beşiktaş’s Serbian football player are on the agenda.

The love betrayal between Stanija Dobrojevic and Adem Ljajic

It turned out why Adem Ljajic, who was the target of criticism arrows, played badly due to his performance in Beşiktaş. The reason for the low performance of the experienced player is the pain of love.

The 35-year-old phenomenon, who introduces himself as the ‘Serbian bomb’ on Instagram, is very popular in his country. The name, who made a name for the first time by competing in a program similar to Big Brother and occupied the country’s agenda with the obscene images he gave in this program, is now gaining fame on social media.

It was learned that Adem Ljajic was disturbed by these posts and decided to leave for this reason. The Serbian actress, who could not catch up with her previous performance after leaving, is highly criticized.

Ljajic’s post-breakup performance was affected in Beşiktaş. The star player, who stands out with his emotional personality, receives great criticism after his poor performance in Beşiktaş.

It was learned that the reason for the bad performance of the midfielder, who was not at the desired level this season, was the separation. According to the news from his close circle, the star player, who isolates himself from social life after leaving, draws attention to his unhappy appearance in training.

Making a name for herself with her daring posts on Instagram, the name has recently gathered many new followers and surpassed the 1 million threshold.

Stanija Dobrojevic, who has been on the agenda with her scandals in the Serbian press, gains tens of thousands of likes with her posts.

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