Anok Yai, the most sexy and hot model of the last period with black skin

Anok Yai is known as an American fashion model originating from South Sudan. She is one of the most remarkable women of recent times among black skinned models. The sexy model, which managed to gain followers rapidly in 2020, is a candidate to be shown among the most beautiful models. Anok Yai, who managed to be the cover of many important fashion magazines, will soon turn 23.

Anok Yai is an American model originating from South Sudan. After Naomi Campbell, Prada is the second black model to open the show and the first South Sudanese model to do so. Yai managed to attract attention by being listed among the “Top 50” models by

Made famous thanks to her viral photo: Anok Yai

Anok Yai, a university student from South Sudan, opened the door to modeling the profession she dreamed of, thanks to the photos she took at the YardFest music festival.

At the music festival called TheSunk, a photographer with an Instagram account took pictures of Anok Yai. Thanks to these photos taken with the permission of Anok Yai and shared on Instagram, Anok Yai received phone calls from many agencies and was offered modeling.

Saying that his priority is to finish his school, Yai states that part-time modeling will be a good start for this profession. In the following years, she says she wants to put modeling at the center of his life and aims to build his career on modeling.

Fate Same As Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks, who was previously arrested during a robbery and attracted the attention of many modeling agencies thanks to his photos taken at court, started modeling after serving his sentence and getting out of jail. Anok Yai, like Meeks, luckily stepped into modeling and the paths for both seem clear.

Thanks to these photos taken with the permission of Anok Yai and shared on Instagram, Anok Yai received phone calls from many agencies and her life changed after she received a modeling offer.

Anok Yai 23 years old young model

In an interview with supermodel under construction, Anok Yai announced in an interview in 2017 that he originally planned to finish his biochemistry degree at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. However, Yai’s Instagram photo at a college party went viral in 2017 and soon became one of the 50 most recognizable models at the age of 23, with her steadfast progress towards stardom. In 2020, he managed to become the hottest black model.

Anok Yai Hot Photos:

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