Annie Kilner had a relationship with someone else during their breakup with Kyle Walker

Annie Kilner was revealed to have had an affair with a 20-year-old during their breakup with Kyle Walker.

Annie Kilner, 28, the 11-year-old lover of British football player Kyle Walker, had been separated for 1 year after the cheating crisis. It was revealed that Kilner had an affair with 20-year-old Joshua Cox during this time.

It was revealed that Annie Kilner, mother of 3 children of English football player Kyle Walker, who played for Manchester City, had a relationship with 20-year-old Joshua Cox, whom he met through his mutual friends when they were separated for about 1 year.

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Kilner, who left the star player in May last year after learning that Kyle Walker had cheated on him, pardoned Walker and accepted his marriage proposal in June this year. In the news reflected in the British press, 28-year-old Annie Kilner, who had a relationship with Joshua Cox for a year and confessed to the famous football player, ended his relationship with Cox after Walker wanted to make peace with him and returned to Walker.

A close source said that Kyle Walker was traumatized when he found out about Kilner’s relationship with Cox and said that the mother of 3 children had ended the relationship, but the English footballer became psychologically worse when he suspected the relationship was continuing.


Kyle Walker had a sexy party

Kyle Walker has managed to become one of the most talked about footballers in his quarantine days. Walker, who broke the quarantine rule taken due to coronavirus in England with the sexual intercourse party he organized in his home, was on the agenda by calling “Stay at home” the next day.

It was revealed that Kyle Walker, who was expected to be punished for breaking the social distance and quarantine rules from the club, joined the online strip channel after this incident.

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