Anne Lima prepares for the best hip contest

Anne Lima is preparing with all her passion to be rewarded as the most beautiful hip woman in the world. Interestingly, Anne Lima was also on the agenda by giving an interesting example while doing these studies.

The 34-year-old stunning model Anne Lima will represent the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro for the Miss BumBum pageant, which is scheduled to take place in August this year. Lima, who wants to be the first in the competition where 27 contestants will appear, said that she spends more money on hip care than her own daughter’s education.

Everyone Is Getting Ready For Miss BumBum

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Many Latino models or women are trying to complete their preparations for Miss BumBum’s 2022 pageant. Miss BumBum looks pretty interesting this year. We can also see that many prominent Brazilian and Colombian women became more popular after this competition.

The Miss BumBum pageant, which is held in Brazil every year, is very popular across the country. This year, social media phenomenon Anne Lima will appear in the competition, where competitors from different states of Brazil compete fiercely. The name, who will represent the state of Rio de Janeiro, prepared well for the competition.

Expressing that she especially focuses on aesthetic procedures in order to make her hips and legs look more beautiful, Lima said, “I usually receive gold hip mask treatment. I spend £25kfor just one session. “I didn’t invest that much in my daughter,” she said.

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Brazilian fitness model and athlete Anne Lima recently made headlines after she claimed she was least embarrassed: when she compared the shape of a partner’s knee to the face of actor, politician, and 74-year-old former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. . . “She said he saw Schwarzenegger’s face in my muscles, I was so embarrassed,” Anne said in an interview published in the British Daily Star. “I found this idea so ridiculous, I had never noticed such things,” she added, noting that other people were comparing after her ex’s comment.

This phenomenon has an explanation, and when we see “faces” in inanimate objects it is called “pareidolia”. Although she claimed she had never noticed it before, the fitness model said she could no longer “see” Arnold on her leg.

Who is Anne Lima?

Geanne “Anne” Lima, 34 years old, is a fitness model and athlete, and with a 104 cm butt, she is Rio de Janeiro’s current representative in Miss Butt Brasil 2022. She stated that she had never had plastic surgery before, according to the competition’s website.

In the official statement, she also said she is the mother of a “beautiful princess” and has a niece. In addition to her latest appearance on the Daily Star this week, Anne has been in the media at other times and recently featured a photo in the Rio de Janeiro newspaper Meia Hora. She is helped by journalist Cacau Oliver, founder and owner of Miss Bumbum Brasil.

There is no shortage of photos on social media at the gym. In fact, almost all of the posts from the last few months are training exhibits, after all, she’s a fitness athlete, and to keep up with that, he needs to work her glutes all the time. “I don’t go a day without a workout. I’ve been training for about 15 years. My routine starts early, I usually do cardio in the morning and work the uppers at night. I also focus a lot on training the lower ones,” he said. In an interview with Cena Pop.

In total, there are 180 posts on Instagram alone, all from October 2019. Anne, who describes herself as a “Portuguese-Brazilian fitness model” in the social network’s bio, often seems to seek votes for the Miss Butt contest, but she doesn’t. she thinks she is willing to take them for free by responsible means. Yesterday, a profile probably offered her10,000 votes in the robot accounting system. She immediately replied, “Honey, I don’t need it. I’m the best and I don’t play low or dirty even if I’m not.”